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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The dark clouds slowly began to fade from the blue skies. Her green eyes looked through the window and noticed me. Yes-- I was her and she was me. She was that girl in Rahway High School who lived a struggle yet always did the best she could to survive it. I sat beside my own being in the silence of the school library. Education was all we ever wanted. It was difficult for some years because of inevitable memories that forbid her from doing better than we had the capability to achieve. If I would have known how important studying was, I would have buried my head into the books instead of placing it into a napkin with tears. I would have made sure I studied as much as I could and kept the negativity away. Also, I would have placed more attention into schools and seeking support. I stare at the other me with intent and turn away. I could never go back to the old me. I'm a different woman with purpose and drive. From now on to the day I graduate, I swear to accomplish my goals and never give up. That's my promise.


i have never been to college this is my first time and as i said i am trying to get into this school wich is very hard and my goal is almost completed but yet its so far away i don t think you guys would be able to help me becasue i start in january and you don t pass out the scholarship in april so well i guess this was another dead for thank you for reading this so to have wasted you time and thank for think about this application .But what i would tell student don t give up you will find a way to succeed thing always seem hard but in the end in will get better jus got to keep trying life throws stone at you ignore and you will reap the benigits in the some off oyu are going to a four year program and thats long but keep going to hold main thing is people don t keep going they reach half way and turn back or get lazy just keep it up and you will see in the end it will all will be worth it thank you for hearing me