Doane University-Arts & Sciences Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Doane College is an environment in which students and professors alike learn from the perspectives, beliefs and experiences of each other in order to learn how to become a well-rounded, educated, tolerant and productive member of society.


It is a quiet ,friendly home like atmosphere where higher education is offered with a friendly staff willing to help you in anyway to meet your carrier goals.


Doane is a place where you are encouraged to be yourself, even if your not sure yet who that is. There are countless activities and clubs that allow you to truly explore yourself. The proffessors and administration nurture the students and modivate them to reach for the stars. Doane is a place to find yourself while recieving a top of the line education.


Doane College is a learning community where everyone comes together for the betterment of education.


Doane is a community that is there for you, whenever you need it.


Doane College is a place to learn, grow, network and expand your mind.


Doane College is a very friendly and family oriented school with many opportunities.


Doane College is a family, with each member playing a vital and unique role that contributes to the success of everyone.


Doane College is just small enough to have the right amount of people in your class, but big enough to make great friends.