Doane University-Arts & Sciences Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are fun and outgoing, active in many different ways from sports to just hanging out around campus. They are helpful and caring, but aren't afraid to tell you if you're doing something wrong.


My fellow classmates from Doane College are supportive, energetic, intelligent, hard working and accepting and are more than willing to branch out and "broaden their horizons" in both their academic and personal lives.


Hard working ,dedicated to our higher education and very friendly willing to help you at any time.




My classmates here at Doane are very outgoing, nice, and really helpful. If I ever need help with one of my classes I know I can always go to one of my classmates for help.


My classmates are people I have gotten to know well and I have become good friends with many of them.


My classmates strive to learn the material given in class, and desire to dive even further into the many subjects taught through the semesters.