Doane University-Arts & Sciences Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who is looking for a small, homey environment would definitely fit in at this university. The professors are amazing, and the relationship developed with them is genuinely one similar to family; they're like older brothers and sisters, kind and guiding, but firm. They actually care about their jobs, and love their students, taking time to actually learn about and get to know them. Residence life is shockingly pleasant, the dorms are always clean and the people are wonderful. Anyone looking for a close knit community with flourish and thrive here. The residence advisors are like caring big brothers and sisters. The campus is extremely interactive; there's rarely a dull moment.


A person that should attend this school is someone who is not looking to be at a big university or college and someone who would like to get to know there professors. This school is for someone who would like a smaller enviroment and someone who would like to know almost everyone on campus.


Anyone who loves a small school that is very invovled in your academic search and someone who wants to have a good time.


Here at Doane it doesn't really matter who the person has to be. As long as Doane has your major and you are very outgoing and happy with your choice. Any person will be successful here at Doane College.


Anyone. Everyone has their own group of friends so anyone can belong here.


The kind of people that should attend this college need to have alot of money available to them for tuition. they need to like the idea of small class sizes, and the idea of a small town life, although there is a pretty big city within 30 milles from campus. They should also like a very social aspect to there life, because Doane has a very social and friendly community. However, there are plenty of quiet places to study, for those who don't like to be social.


The type of person that should attend Doane is a smart, accademically driven. However, they should also like to have a good time, and like to contribute their own opinions throught their classes.


Someone who is very friendly because we have a very social campus. Also someone who is very open to different backgrounds, as Doane is fairly diverse.