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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would first start with by saying STOP PROCRASTINATING! I would also add that dorm life is different then living at home. It is completely different and to take one day at a time the stress over comes and will be hard but not to panic. Just take a deep breath and find a calm happy place that you can relax. Another thing is make time to enjoy the activites on campus stop being lazy and boring. Get active, stay involved make more friends and stay away from the boys they are nothing but a distraction. You can hang with them but first make sure you have your work done first. Most of all I would tell myself to enjoy the opportunties put infront of me in the furture.


If i had to go back and tell my self what to do I would for one tell them not to be so stressed out evrything will fall into place. I would let myself know that school is more important than going out and hanging with friends. Although you play baseball and get stressed out sometimes becaue you have no free time, look for advice and find ways to manage your time.


If I were to be able to talk to myself back in high school, I would preach that it is important to take advantage of the free time I had. I would explain to myself that it's very important to put in the time and effort to get outstanding grades in highschool. That will open many doors for the future with college and bring many opportunities with scholarships and my acceptance rate to colleges. The time passes you by whether you're doing something or not. So I would suggest to work harder in class and get a stellar gpa. Experiencing college as an athlete I have saved some money with atheltic scholarships, but I know I could have saved a lot more money if I had better grades and test scores. I do my best to explain this to my sister, she's in highschool right now. Unfortunately, highschool students just do not understand. So my advice to myself back in highschool would be to take advantage of the time I had to get better grades. I would explain to myself that what you do in highschool is an investment in your future. Take advantage of your time.


Make sure to set aside time for your family. Transitioning into an environment where you are loaded down by loads of work and studying can tend to make you irritable and that can also make you pull away from your family. It's important to make time for them, they are the best support system you could ever have and there's nothing more helpful than a really good support system. They won't let you starve yourself to finish a term paper or make yourself sick with worry over your grades. Family keeps you sane when it seems like there's nothing you want more than to commit yourself to "the loony bin". Making time for them is like making time for calm, and it's one of the best decisions you can make while transitioning from having to raise your hand to use the restroom to having to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life.


I would tell myself that hands on is not always the best path. That I am smarter than I think that I am, and am certainly capable of excelling at many things, and that just because I love video production now, doesn't mean that it's going to be successful for me in the future, and that a degree in something more practical is better.


If it was ever possible to turn the clock back, and visit my younger self, before he, or rather me, would step forth into the dawn of the college student, I would warn myself to be more concerned with my scholarships. Currently, because of the predicament I am in, I have lost one of my scholarships, and now must await harsh judgment by my parents, then the atrociously large payment that I must fulfill. Sadly, it wasn’t due to a low grade point average, I am above getting anything lower than a B, but rather my incompetence for not recalling to renew my scholarship. Due to my own arrogance for believing that I can complete my college work with only two scholarships, I have found myself in a bind. I truly do wish to go back in time to warn myself to renew my scholarship and to be less of an arrogant mule, just so I wouldn’t be embarrassed and upset with myself today.


One thing I wish I knew in high school was the true fragility of the friendships I had created in my teenage years. Going to college is an unbelievably exciting and frightening time of one's life, but one of the ways we all survive is with the support and care of the circle of people with which we surround ourselves. Those friends who had always been there for me slowly began to fade from my inner circle and, eventually, that's all they were, a distant, faded memory. To my high school self I would say, "You may not see it now, but one day you're going to regret not going to that movie, seeing that play, going on that roadtrip; don't let those that supported you, loved you and saw you at your worst slip through the cracks of your new life with your new college experiences and friends. But also, don't be afraid to let go. Don't be afraid to see yourself as someone different, someone new. College is about growing as a person. Remember to appreciate those who want you in their lives and want to be in yours."


Hi, me from the past, listen, don't ride on the excuse that you don't know what you want to do with your life and spend time idling and knocking out a couple core classes here or there. Instead, do everything. Take a wide array of classes and learn as widely as you can about the world. It's ok to have credits all over the place, this is a process of elimination for you and pretty much the only way you find out what you really want to do. Spoiler alert: turns out you really like physics... but you won't know why that is unless you do the wide array of classes thing. So don't idle! Get serious with school and learning in general! And especially do not take whole semesters off just to work and have fun. What is left of your youth is shorter than you think. Get busy with your bucket list. (Also, don't sell your car to Dan, Stacy breaks up with you, and the winning lotto ticket numbers for 3/30/2012 are as follows: 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 Mega Ball: 23 )


I would tell Levi to study alittle harder on the math portion of school, and take advantage of all of the collage prep classes offered in High School. Be very active in high school and make friends at the different events that you go to because you will meet them again at collage. When your parents tell you to study and bring up your grades you really should and always ask your teacher if you do not understand what is going on because if you do not ask now you will not ask in collage and they don't ask you if you are understanding the material.


It is best known for the small campus feel that draws many to small towns. You can't get the friendly people and close friends at large universities like you can at smaller private colleges. It doesn't match up at all. There are many benefits such as decreased walking distances, the meeting of many people and the development of many new friendships and the development of study habits. The best part about Doane is the feeling that the instructors care about your education and want you to succeed in college and also be a successful person in the future.It is best known for the small campus feel that draws many to small towns. You can't get the friendly people and close friends at large universities like you can at smaller private colleges. It doesn't match up at all. There are many benefits such as decreased walking distances, the meeting of many people and the development of many new friendships and the development of study habits. The best part about Doane is the feeling that the instructors care about your education and want you to succeed in college and also be a successful person in the future.


I have gained a lot of knowledge from my professors, not just what they were teaching us, but some small life lessons that have helped me. It has been very valuable to attend because I know what I want to do with my life and I am striving for that. An undergraduate degree is just one degree that I would like to have so attending a small college has helped me develop the skills to become a leader and stand out of the crowd that surrounds me.


I have been attending my Dental assistant program now for about two weeks, at first I wasn't sure I was going to be able to go through this being that i'm a young married, mother of three and finacially not stable but after thinking it through decided to go through with it and happy I decided to do so. I want to be an inspiration to my kids and many others so they can know that nothing is inpossible as hard as it may be. My experience so far at ultimate medical has been amazing I've learned so much in these two weeks, who would of thought I would be learning about de vinci in dental school I can't image how much more I will learn in the months to come but so excited to do so. I've been out of school now for nine months and thought it would be hard for me to adjust to things but you can't imagine how everything just comes back naturally. I can't wait till the day my family can watch me walk down the aile the day of graduation.


The most important thing i have gotten out of Doane is Life-time friendships and invaluable connections for my future. These two things are the most precious gifts in that they will help me to pursue my dream and support me if I don't succeed the first time. Friends and Family along with an excellent education are the rarest gifts one can have, and they can be found at Doane.


I have learned more about my chosen field and have learned a lot about human behavior. It has been valuable because it will give me the skills to succeed without outside help.


College has truly been a time to find myself thus far. The classes I’ve taken have opened my eyes to ideas that I didn’t know anything about. I find myself not only broadening my horizons academically but also on a personal level. I have become involved in not only activities at the school but also in the community surrounding campus. Doane College has truly been a stepping stone leading me to my future. The things I’m doing, the people I’m meeting and the person I’m becoming at Doane are things that will be a part of me the rest of my life. The college experience has been valuable to me because it has given me the ability to explore myself. It allows me to develop into a well respected woman that will eventually be part of the working world equipped with a well respected Doane degree.


I attended Gaetan Raynal State College which is a national high school on the island of Mauritius. My island is located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of South Africa. From my high school experience, I have learned the value of education, and choosing good friends, and doing extra curriculum activities. I know that the more educated one is, the better off one is. More opportunities are available and the sky is the limit for educated individuals. As teen choosing good friends who share the same values in life and understand the value of education help me to stay on the right track. Gaetan Raynal State College has been valuable to attend because as a student, I was not only taught about academics, but also was taught life lessons like friendships, self discipline, setting goals and achieving them, leadership and team work. The teachers are friendly and have a sincere interest in their students' academic success. The school has prepared me to go forward in life and progress to the next step in my life and academic pursuits.


Through my college experience, I have been able to broaden my views on life. Before coming to college, I accepted my parents religion and morals as my own, but since coming to college, I have been able to make my own choices as to what I believe is right. This has been the biggest change in my life. During my time in college, I have met people from many areas of life; rich, poor, east-coast, west-coast, and it has been exciting to realize that often, we really aren't all that different. Our experiences may have varied, but if you get the time to know the people around you, you can be pleasantly surprised.


I have just begun college. I attend Colorado Technical University Online. So far I have learned about basics on Microsoft software, how to get around the online campus, and submiting tasks. I have gotten knowledge of activities I have not known about. My advisor is great. He helps me with any questions I may have. My advisor also contacts me atleast twice a week. I am enjoying me college experience so far and beleive I will contine to enjoy it. It has been very valuable for me attending this school. It gives me the oppertunity to get the degree I need for the career I want. To be financialy stable for my children and myself is very important to me. Also being able to stay at home with my kids is a plus. I have many troubles with my son Shawn. It is impossible to find anyone who will watch him for me. The doctor still have not gotten his medications right. The most valuable reason for me to attend this college is I will recieve the ability to help my children have a better life. My children are the most important part of my life.


I attend the Word of Life Bible Institute and this school has been very valuable for my life becuase of the life change I have gone though with the help of the staff and faculty. Here the motto is "One year will change your life" and it is so true becuase of the power of the Bible and it's emphasis on how I am to live my life for God. This college and it's focus to spend as much time as possible in the Bible changes your outlook on life from one of a depraved mind to that of a mind that is focused on doing everything we do for God. The atmosphere here is catchable, almost like a disease. As a small campus, we focus on unity and doing things for the betterment of the other students. The two years I spent at this college have helped change my life.


What I have gotton out of my college experience so far is getting a taste of what real life will be in the years to come. By applying what I have learned in my future is is gonna determine how my future plays out for me. It has given me my base knowledge to survive in a career that I am very much interested in. Another thing that I feel I have gotten out of my college experience is how to communicate with others. When first coming to the school I knew no one, not a single person. By going out and talking to people I found it easier for me to make new friends. Not only friends bur also good relationships among staff and faculty members. It really gets you prepared for the real world. It has been valuable for me to attend because if I hadn't, I would have not gotten such a great education. Being the top rated school in Nebraska, the one on one education has definatly helped me get a more well rounded education.


If I could go back in time when I was a senior in high school. I would tell myself, to set goals right before classes start, get help if I needed it or if I'm struggling in a class, don't stress over the small things, do not procrastinate on any homework or studying, always have one of your friends proof read your papers before you turn them in, always study, and don't give up. Also, go out and support your college teams and make a lot of friends, be active and I would tell myself; its only hard if you make it hard.


Go straight to school!!! Don't take time off to travel. You can always travel the world on summers or study abroad. You'll do it and have a great time--make sure you find the time to go to Egypt! Don't make hasty decisions! Always give yourself time away from any situation, good or bad, before making a decision so you have a clear mindset and time to reflect on all outcomes of the situation. Talk to everyone--you can't imagine how many wonderful people with interesting stories that are a blast to talk to on campus. Join as many clubs and teams as you have time for! The swing dance society is great fun and you'll learn the moves you've always dreamed of learning. Stay focused! You never know what you will want to change your major too and make sure that you have the grades and background to change if you wish. Stay as close to your family and friends as possible--they are better for your mind, body and soul than you could ever imagine! And mostly, have FUN! After all it's supposed to be the best time of your life!


The award-winning recording artist, Cher, once sang, ?If I could turn back time?? In the spirit of Cher?s song, if I could turn back time and discuss college with myself as a high school senior there are a few valuable tips I would share. First, why put off till tomorrow what you could accomplish today. Time management in college is extremely important. I would be sure to mention focusing on one?s studies sooner rather than later makes coping with semester finals easier. I would also be sure to mention that college is the best years of your life, so get involved as many activities and organizations as possible. This allows you to make new friends and provides a break from schoolwork. But most importantly if I could turn back time and chat with my younger self; I would stress the importance of college being my education. One gets out of college education exactly what one puts into it. You are only as successful as you want to be. So put forth the effort for your future. This way you will never have to wish you could turn back time.


The most important thing when choosing a school is to follow your heart. It's a big decision, but no matter where you go you will make new friends. Get involved in lots of things on campus because this is where you will meet people who have similar interests. Don't be afraid to question your own beliefs because if they are solid, they will only become stronger. The first year of basketball will be rough and some nights you will cry because of it, but you just have to work through it and never give up. You were recruited for a reason so obviously coach knows you are capable of accomplishing great things. Academically, you must stay focused. Don't be afraid of the professors because they are here to help you succeed. Call mom and dad, Zach and your grandparents every so often just to check in and tell them you love them; it will make their day. Finally, college is a time to find out who you are and develop into the young woman you want to be. Be confident, responsible, and never lose your faith.


Think about what you want in a school, think about you want from a school, and when you find somewhere that you can excel at, go for it. When you are at college, do whatever you can to be involved and make both yourself proud and the college. The right college can be like family, it provides protection, nourishment, and encourages you to do something with you life.


Find a college/university that you enjoy the campus and the college offers your major. When you start school interact with people and join clubs to find your place. College is more open and less judgemental than high school so there is always is going to be a place for you.


The best advice to give would pertain to ANY incoming college Freshman. You have to have an open mind and try not to limit yourself. You are forced to learn how to balance work and play. Make sure you look atleast 5 places, and RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!! The positive background is easily found online at the school's website, but when you talk to actual students an outlook of a school could change completly. I suggest arranging an over-night stay to really get a feel for a college night. You will be one step ahead the rest of the Freshman class.


1. Don't let money be the deciding factor....There's always scholarships and financial aid. 2. Always visit a school before enrolling. You won't know exactly what that school is like until you visit. 3. Keep in touch. It's always nice to hear a comforting voice during that first year. 4. Don't be afraid to ask for help. It doesn't make you a loser or weak, it just means you're ready to make yourself stronger.


I would tell parents and students to be open to all kinds of different schools. Even if you think that a small school with only 1000 students isn't for you, go visit one anyway because you might be surprised and find that you actually want to attend a smaller school. Also, I would say to not be afraid to ask questions to students at the colleges, faculty, and staff; those people are there to help and will go out of their way to help prospective students. Most of all, trust your heart and what college feels right to you and you can't go wrong.


Visit the campus and find what is right for you. Once you're there, get involved!


Choose the one that you feel at home. You will know it when you are at the right school for you. If you struggle in the beginning don't believe that if you transfer it will be any better at another school. College is extremely different than high school and more than likely it just takes time to adjust to the new lifestyle not the school


Make sure that party time does not take preference over study time. Also, make sure both parents and students understand the financial situation.


Make sure that you are looking at schools for the interest of the one who is attending the school not the parents, siblings, or friends. Many people who follow their siblings, boy/girlfriends, or parents to the school that they went to and most of the time that college is not for them. I feel if you do follow them you are also following their lead and don't get the chance to find yourself as a person and are unable to find your path through life. There are many possible schools out there and your selection should not be narrowed. Do research, take campus visits and talk to professors from colleges that interest you. Some students wait for the colleges to contact them but its the student who must intiate this contact if they want to get into the right college. Parents can also do this, give advise and insight on what they know to the student. Also think about the distance from home, many students do not realize how far away they are til they get there and it costs too much money for some to travel back and forth if it's not the school for them.


Apply to plenty of colleges, even ones that you may think are long shots. Apply for lots of scholarships. Don't go home for at least four months after you start. Try new things, hang out with people you normally wouldn't. Don't start seriously dating anybody too soon, and don't bother trying to keep an old boyfriend of girlfriend from high school.


Always look at the financial aid package. make sure this is where you want to go by doing a campus visit and get to know the proffesors .. all these things make it easy to cope with college ..


Don't pick a school that all of your friends are going to, pick a school that will allow you to meet many new people. Also, don't pick a school just because you like the way the campus looks, visit the school when classes are in session and talk to the students there, see what they think of the school and find out about the things that they don't like about that college, because the people who are showing you around will not tell you the bad things about the campus. Also, deside ahead of time wheather you desire to go to a large school or a smaller one, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Pick a school that is far enough away from home that it wont allow you to go home every weekend, but someplace close enough that you can get home if you really need to. Pick the school that is right for you, not the one your parents think is right, after all you are the one that has to live there for 8 months out of the year, and learn while you do it.


Finding the "right" college or university is one of the most important decisions when it comes to choosing your school. Through my own personal experience, I can say that I absolutely love my college. From the very moment I stepped foot onto campus, I immediately knew that I would have no problem spending the next four years of my life here. Ultimately, the first impression from a college visit will play an important role in your collegiate experience. Perspective students need to decide whether they want to be part of a large intitution, or a smaller, more personalized institution. Also, the perspective student needs to determine just how far away from home he or she wishes to be. Although college financial advisors will tell you that the cost of tuition should not be a factor in your school decision, the bottom line is that the bill has got to be paid. Remember though, there are always plenty of scholarships available, but only if you take the time to apply. Once accepted and attending a college or university, the key thing to remember is to get involved with various clubs and functions, but not at the expense of your accademic progress.


Parents, be prepared to let go of your son or daughter. They are branching out and still need your support, but you must let them make their own decisions. They may make mistakes, but my making their own choices, they can learn more for themselves. Students, branch out! Don't go with the "safe choice" college. I was the only one from my high school class that went to my college and, although it was scary, I have made such amazing friends. The rest of my high school graduating class all went to the same school, and still all hang out with eachother There are so many different people that you can meet, and there are so many things that you can learn from them. Make sure to keep an open mind and to listen to what people have to say. Everyone is different, but different does not necessarily mean bad. Take risks! You make memories by taking chances and doing things out of character. Be willing to laugh at yourself, and know that EVERYONE does stupid things. Finally, get involved! In college you meet so many amazing people and learn more about yourself than you ever could have imagined.


I would tell parents that they should try to let go of the vision of their children as their "little boy" and "little girl." They should try to let their children make their own decisions on the colleges they want to attend, and give their advice when warrented or needed. However, parents should also remember that their kids will need them for emotional support their first few years and should provide that support. Students should decide what factor is the most important when choosing the schools they want to go to, whether that factor be size, or distance from home, among other things. They should never let cost get in the way, as there are plenty of scholarships and financial aid for the students who need such help. Lastly, students should keep true to their beliefs while not being afraid of change. College is a perfect place for finding oneself, but a student must be open-minded for this to happen.


When choosing a college, be sure that it is the one that "clicks". I know that sounds silly, but you need to fall in love with a part of the school, whether it's the gymnasium where you'll spend a lot of time as an athlete, the music hall as a musician, or the lab as a scientist, make sure you'll love every minute you're in that area that you will spend most of your time in. It's also very good to know whether the people are friendly or not...take a minute to walk around campus on your own and get a feel for the kids there. I know when I walked around at Doane, I was AMAZED at all the people who walked by. Every single one of them would smile and greet me, like I was an old friend, even though I was a complete stranger. Feel at home, and research the school. Don't just use the internet or the school's official websites to get information, either. Be sure to ask alumni and people in the surrounding community what they think of the school as well. Love your new home.


Make sure that when you are looking at colleges that you visit each campus multiple times and for different activities. I visited Doane over 10 times and each time I got to know the campus climate a little better. You cannot visit too many times. Make sure that you look into each aspect of that college. Talk to the professors in your area, talk to the academic support center, and talk to current students in your area of interest to see if they like the faculy and classes that are offered. Make sure that you don't stay in your dorm all the time. Get out and meet people, go to sports events and other events. Make sure that you have a balance of academic time and social time. Hitting the books 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time is going to make you miserable and you will hate it. Get to know people and get out and have fun! Also, get involved in activities, it's a great way to meet people and you will learn a lot about what you like and things that you enjoy doing.