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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior today, I would tell myself that this is only the beginning. Most friendships will dissipate, my social status will be a thing of the past, and I have the opportunity to become anything I want to be. I would tell myself that senior year should be about researcing colleges, deciding which carrier best fits me as a person, and that my grades will open doors for me to achieve every goal that I have set for myself. I would say to study hard while looking ahead to the future I envision for myself. I would tell myself, "This is it! You are at a turning point in your life, its up to you now. You can become anything and anyone you want. So lets do this!"


I have found Doane to be a school of great determination and availability to succeed in life. The classes are set up to small groups so that there is more student-professor interactions. The professors want you to succeed for your benefit not theirs.


Being an adult learner and knowing the importance of an education, knowing the financial strain that my family is enduring at this stage of my life for me to return to school, I would tell myself or anyone that they have no idea how important an education is at that particular point in their life and they need to apply all of their efforts to their education and that the random experiances of college life are something that they can do down the road. I would tell myself that completing my education when I got out of high school and not having all of the other responsibilities that come with adult life is much easier when you are able to concentrate all of your efforts toward school and not all the other life activities. Although I have been very successful with my educational endevors since I have returned to school, I would have done very well the firt time I was in college if I would have applied myself and had my priorities in line.


"You are never to old to be young". Now that I am in graduate school, and as a returning adult learner, I relaize that I am so happy for the opportunities afforded me in my life. I was able to enjoy every moment of my highschool education and look foundly back on the memories created. Now that I am in graduate school, I devot every waking moment to expanding my expertise in my chosen subject. Currently, when I get a moment, I take some time and reflect on the wonderful things that I have achieved and believe strongly, it has been because I remain young at heart. I never take anything too seriously, and I allow the all too common stresses of grad school to quickly slip by.