Dordt College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about Dordt College is the size. Some may say that it is too samll, but it is a community. Dordt is a place where you get to know many of those that you go to school with, it isn't just a sea of faces where you don't recognize anyone. And even though it is smaller there are still so many different activites that you can be involved with.


The best thing about Dordt is the community. You will get to know many people from all classes. Everyone says hi when walking around campus. Dordt is located in a small, farming area and that helps the students to get to know others outside campus through church and various events. On and off campus, I feel comfortable and like I am at home.


The smallness and availibility of everything right in front of you.


There is always something to do. It keeps students from doing stupid things with their spare time.


The community feeling


Community because it is a campus where you can get to know everyone and everyone cares for each other.