Dowling College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Honestly, I'm just the quiet girl who walks through the halls with headphones.. so I couldn't really give you a description about who hangs out with who. But I can say that there are many foreign students who walk past me in the halls, and I also have to say that I love every single one of them. To have the courage to come to another country to try and fit in with another culture is a very challenging and life changing event. My math tutor is from Brazil and she tells me all her stories and reasons for coming to this country.. I have to say, she's one of the strongest human beings I've ever met. So basically what I'm trying to get at is this - don't worry about who is going to be at this school, just know that you are capable of doing anything and everything, just think about it.


There is some hispanic and minority groups on campus that have events and that merge events with white groups on campus. Everyone at Dowling has a tendency to blend in, regardless of race. However, the latin community has a stronger emphasis on dance and music activities and often put on excellent performances in which both students and families can attend. Students who might feel out of place at Dowling would be football players and major atheletes. If you are an athelete looking for something less competitive and more laid back, then Dowling is a good college for you. If you are really into sports and want to compete in major games, then Dowling is not for you. Most students dress comfortably to class, and many students wear Dowling sweatshirts or sweatpants. The styles vary among the students. Many graduate students dress professionally. Student financial backgrounds at Dowling are all over the map, and you could be sitting next to somebody who almost lost thier house, or somebody who met Obama. You never know at Dowling.


The student body are all typical Suffolk County trailer park trash or typical ghetto trash from Brooklyn and The Bronx. I don't know how Dowling lets scuzzbags like this into their school and this is supposed to be a school with such a great reputation? What a joke! These people are completely ignorant and intolerant of everybody who is not as far in the gutter as they are.


I have seen so many ignorant scumbags during my first and second semester here then I have seen in my entire life. There are so many kids from the city who do not have any motivation to learn, which in turn makes the classes watered down. If you are a student who comes to college to learn, this school would not be a right fit for you. If you want to be surrounded by students who just care about smoking weed and being rude, by all means come here. The students(used loosely) here do not care at all about other students, but instead choose to blast there rap/hip-hop music extremely loudly at 430AM on weekdays and scream obscenities down the hallway at a similar hour. Honestly, it is that bad. I am not a student who does not have any fun, I am quite the contrary. I just have limits to how much I am going to affect people not involved.


My classmates are diverse, open-minded, and friendly.




Everyone gets along really well there and i am in study groups with people as well as help this kid with a writing disablitiy i just copy his notes for him and you make friends with everyone pretty much


Very similar personalities. We all generally work well together


My classmates are intelligent, creative and hardworking.


My classmates are fun, outgoing, and accepting.


My classmates can vary from very studious great student to people who are only here i college because their parents made them.