Dowling College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I feel as though Dowling prides its self on being a personal college. Dowling College is a small private school. From experience, I would say the classroom sizes tend to rang from 10-20 students. The professors are very personable and are willing to help and accomodate thier students. I am very familiar with the psychology department and they have done a wonderful job in helping me in terms of advisement and answering any questions I may have. Dowling has lived up to its expectations as the personal college.


Its best kown for its diversity and having a whole bunch of people form different race hangout together.


At Dowling I believe that they are mostly know for is Business which is great because my Major is Business Management and Leadership. Most of the classes I have taken as of now are decently difficult. A a freshman who is beginning his Sophmore year in September of 2014, I have completed almost half of my required core classes and am planning on graduating a semester early since I have taken College level classes in High School. Overall I without a doubt a would recommend Dowling College for their bussiness program or any other program they do.


The best campus tradition in my opinion is Performing Arts Night. It includes everything and everyone and is a HUGE celebration every year! There is karyoke, poetry readings, live music, and much more. Everyone attends and every year it gets better and better! It was started only two years ago and was created by a Dowling Alumni who always loved having a good time, and his dream lives on in the event! We also have the annual Winter Ball, which is a formal dance to end the fall semester, as well as a Spring Cotillion to end the year and send graduates on thier way.


Dowling College is best known for the personalized atmosphere and large population of commuter students. Each student is given the ability to create schedules and majors that will fully match his or her own goals or achievements. The size of the campus and student population allows for personal relationships to develop between professors and students as well as the remaining staff members. The school is located in a suburban area giving students the ability to commute and still feel involved in the school environment.


Probably some of the athletic accomplishments. The soccer team was national champions and the lacrosse team took second in nationals.


excellent mens soccer and womens volleyball team


My school is best known for its Education. Dowling is there to higher your education and help you suceed in what ever you decide to do. It is a Division 2 school, so sports are kind of a big deal too.


It says it all in its tag line, they call doling the personal college but students add another line it " the personal college where evryone knows your personal business."