Dowling College Top Questions

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Dowling is awsome! Do you want a school where it is easy to make friends? Do you want a school where you are a name and not a number? Do you want a school where professors actually talk to you outside of class? Do you want a school where the classes are not torture and there is something to do almost every day? Are you an education, aviation, business, or psychology major and want a great academic experience? Then Dowling is for you!


DON'T GO HERE AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Please save yourself from the aggravation traumatization and the degradation that you will have to suffer from attending this hellhole of a college. This school will accept any SCUM off the streets that they can find and enroll them as students and or teachers. Dowling literally scrapes the bottom of the barrel to determine who they will bring into their school.


There is a reason that Dowling has an extremely high transfer rate. That is a fact that is easily found with a quick search. I am not alone in my thoughts, in fact, there are MANY students who share the same exact viewpoint as myself. I have finished the transfer process, and have found out that many of my credits wont transfer. Please, for your own sake, if you value learning at all, dont come here as it will be quite costly to transfer. When you fill out your FAFSA, look at the graduation and retention rate of this school. It is self explanatory. If you like dealing with city kids who are extremely ignorant and do not have any will to learn, then by all means, come here.


Dowling College is a very small school with only two main academic buildings unlike any other college or university I have seen. The campus and buildings have a lot of history and are located on a gorgeous river with great views. When the weather permits, it is very common for classes to be held outside next to the river.


My school is a private school that is built near a river for anyone who needs breathe of scenery in the summer time. Also, it has two campuses, one for the main branch for anyone interested in law, education, marine science, etc. and another for those interested in aviation majors or computer sciences.


I liked the small class sizes that allowed for the professors to really get to know the students more. I also liked the size of the campus and how everything was in one convenient location. I found the professors to be friendly and welcoming as well as open to the ideas and opinions of their students


Small School, more one on one with professors, more independant living dorms, Financial aid programs such as HEOP


The teachers at this school seem to really care about your progress and how you do in their class. Everyone there is really helpful and if they can not help you they will direct you to the people who can help you instead of giving you the run around.


There are very small classes, which is a benefit to students. Also, its location on a river.