Dowling College Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


Dowling has recently switched companies that serve in the cafeteria, and let me tell you it is ONE THOUSAND times better than the old company!!! They also now take credit and debit cards, which is VERY convienient! The improvements to the cafeteria are awsome!


Dowling was originally catered by Lessings, a food company that was not popular among students and staff. Dowling has recently ended the contract with Lessing and now the Riverside Cafe is served under a new company. There is a much better selection, including a deli, a pizza section, and the main lunch course section. The fruits and salads are fresher, and there is a better drink selection. There is always coffee and hot chocolate availible to students, and if they do not like that they can walk to Valero or to 7/11 right down the street on Main Street.The prices are also cheaper on the food since Lessings has been removed. Dorm students can obtain a meal card which they can use to obtain food throughout each semester. During events (which happen almost every day and certainly every week), all food is free and catered by either local italian resturants or the new company.

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