Dowling College Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


The sports at Dowling are almost non-existant, but there are sports programs. Dowling College has a rowing team that is highly prestigous. However, there is no football team at Dowling. Dowling has a soccer team that travels and plays games against other Long Island colleges and universities. The soccer coach is a really nice man who also teaches at the college. There is also lacrosse, tennis, track, and baseball at Dowling. Dowling has a gym in which students can work out whenever they please, as long as they present thier student ID. The gym is small, and is least crowded during the day. The rules of the gym are generally the same as any other gym, but sometimes students forget to wipe down the machines. Dowling is not a school for sports, unless you want to join the rowing team or the soccer team. My friend does tennis and she likes it, and they travel out of state.

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