Dowling College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype I consider Dowling College to have is students that want to change there lives for the better. This isn't high school. We don't need to have cliques. Every student I have met is serious about there academics. There are always discussions going on in class as well as outside of class. There's always someone around that wants to help you, so if you aren't an overachiever before you get here, you'll certainly find yourself changing your ways.


Coming in as a transfer and keeping to myself with my headphones, I mainly noticed the so called "jocks" - but when i say "jocks" I don't mean to frighten anyone to think about the stereotypical high school "jocks" - I usually observe many college students wearing sports clothing and their school team attire. I'm not quite sure if this is so accurate, but when you decide you're going to college, the stereotypes really shouldn't matter. College is here to help you set your career up, not figure out what click you want to join.

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