Dowling College Top Questions

When you step off campus what do you see?


A lovely four-way intersection with crosswalks. You also see the tennis courts and the parking lots for students. The town is very well put together and the drivers aren't anything like taxi drivers in NYC.


When you step off campus, you usually end up going to your car becuase many students at Dowling are commuter students. You can also step into Connectquot River, which leads to the Great South Bay, Bayard Cutting Arboretum, and Fire Island. Some biology classes at Dowling, such as Botany, will involve class field trips to the arboretum and other classes (such as many marine biology classes and invertebrates) allow students to go on boats in the local waters to collect specimens and obtain hands on experience in a marine biology field. Some professors have been published several times and has won awards for his work in marine biology. A student can also go to 7/11, Dave n Busters, local resturants such as Oacanee Diner or the Japanese resturant across from Valero. Since Dowling is primarily a commuter school, dorm students must rely on other forms of transportation to get to local social hotspots.

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