Dowling College Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I chose to attend Dowling College because those who I spoke with showed me how respectful, helping and trustworthy they were. I felt I was able to really connect with Dowling, due to the people and the fast and easy process it was to transfer. The campus is beautiful and the teachers are there to actually teach students and let the information really sink in.


I choose Dowling becuase it is the only school in New York that allows for a dual major. (believe me when I tell you I looked at every single school! and that includes SUNY schools). I am majoring in biology and special education. Dowling also offers scholarships for academics, not just sports. This really helped me pay for my degree. Dowling is one of the top teaching schools in the country. More Dowling students get jobs than any other school. There is a much friendlier and helpful environment at Dowling than at other schools I had visited that treated me as "just another freshman."

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