Dowling College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Honestly, I do not dorm at this school. I would assume everyone has parties on the weekends, maybe some drinking, some smoking and so on. The athletic events are always spoken of, and even the teachers are supportive. If you want to know more, look towards a student who dorms, they will have more information for you. But, for some advice coming from a commuter .. just be yourself although it sounds cliche` and seriously focus on your school work before you go out partying .. you can save that for when your school work is done.


By far the most prominent group on campus is the student government association. It is all club presidents that run different activities on campus, including Science Exploration, Poetry, Art, Math, Drama, at least six different aviation groups, The Council for Exceptional Children, The Step Team, STAND, La Familia, the Gay/Straight Alliance, and many others. Atheletic events are not strongly emphasized on the campus. However, there is an annual Regatta which is the rowing team's homecoming. There are no fraternities or sororities on campus, but there has been one or two in the past. Parties among students are most often off campus, and the campus is dry, meaning no alcohol in the dorms or at events. There are events just about every day or night, and they vary so much that one can never do the same thing twice in a semester. I met my boyfriend on campus, and I have seen dozens of other friends who have made highly sucessful relationships on campus. In fact, one of my close friends married her boyfriend as soon as she graduated. My best relationship was the one that I made through Dowling, as in, we met on campus at an event, and we have been together ever since.


There were people who I became close with the year I did Theatre Club but was only during the time I was in that club as most of the people that were there when I was there I never saw again. I only saw three people outside of Theatre Club after that so I didn't really have as many friends after that. As far as how bad the drinking and drug problem is students will disrupt class to talk about their alcohol and drug addictions. There was one girl I had class with who came to class high off of cocaine and bragged about how much cocaine she snorted as well as how many different people she slept around with. There was another guy I had two classes with who would interrupt class to talk about what a lush he was. When the professor told him how he sounded like he had a drinking problem he got a very defensive and surly attitude towards her.


The RA's in the dorm do try to arrange extremely cheesy events, but they are not often. There is really no partying at this school, just kids who drink, smoke weed, and blast music in their respective rooms. If you come here, you will be hard pressed to get any sleep whatsoever as many of the kids blast their music on all days of the week for no reason at all. No guest speakers who are important, as this school does not have a great reputation and is so small. Most RA's in the dorm do not care at all, in fact some of the RA's are even in students rooms smoking marijuana with them! Talk about a conflict of interest. This is primarily due to the fact that many of the RA's are of the same mindset of the scumbags who attend here.