Dowling College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


My overall opinion of Dowling College is that it is a wonderful school and I wish I started here earlier. It has changed me in the best ways possible. It's just the right size and the location is great too. Just off of a major highway on Long Island, it's easy to get to and not too far east or west. The class sizes are small, so you get lots of personal attention, and most importantly you get to know your professors and peers. After attending another school with 300+ students in a lecture hall, it's a wonderful change to have the teachers know you by name. My favorite part about Dowling is that it's situated right on a beautiful body of water. You can sit out on the benches and have a lovely and peaceful view. It's great for studying, eating and just hanging out. I love photography, so it provides a perfect place to snap some pictures.


This school is a very small school, and as you continue through your major classes, you find that you are often learning with the same group of friends right up to graduation. The professors quickly learn your name, and are very willing to work with you. When I tell people that I go to this school, they usually are people from New York. They will ask "Oh, so you are going to be a teacher?" or "Aviation?" The school has an excellent reputation for education. Most of my time is spent doing club or student government activities on campus, ranging from River Day, to Performing Arts Night, to recreational sport events or typing an article for the paper. I also spend a lot of time in the computer lab doing homework or research for classes. There is no real "college town" at this school, but there is definitely a huge social life on campus. School pride has significantly increased with the turn of our new school president. Many students come wearing thier sweatshirts or sweatpants with the school logo on an everyday basis. The administration just underwent a change, but it is truly for the better. A new cafeteria has been put in place with much better food and much better food selection. The school is on the water, and it was originally a mansion, so it has an antique look to some of the older buildings.


Everybody there is smug superior and self-righteous with their attitudes it's just vomit inducing. Between this school keeping disruptive disobedient disrespectful uncivil unruly uncooperative lowlifes who brag about their drinking and drug problems and how they screw over and sabotage the decent honest hard working students in the school I'm not sure what's the worst part of this college. Did I mention that somebody was run over by a car on this particular campus? There was also a kid who got jumped on campus the final semester I stayed in that horrible school. He was all bruised and bloodied they had to call an ambulance and take him away on a stretcher it was so bad.


I must warn potential students, during the tour staff really goes out of their way to show you a school with nice students, nice buildings, and no problems. This really is not the case at all, especially on the brookhaven campus. If you are thinking about attending here, I would highly advise that you do a little research on the students that attend here. A collegeboard GPA breakdown shows that 5% had a HS GPA of below a 1.0 and 18% had a GPA between 2.0-1.0. This really is starting to show badly in the student body. Through my first semester, I dealt with music blasting on weekdays to around 4-5am, theft out of my room, my door being kicked in as a joke(?), suitemates smoking weed in my room all the time, random losers in my room at all hours of day and night, etc. The list just goes on and the same events are taking place in the second semester!