Dowling College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who wants to live away from home. Someone who really cares about their school work and wants to makes friends.


Dowling is a private school so the tuition is higher than state schools, so if a person does not receive a lot of financial aid and does not wish to take out private loans, then this school is not for them.


those looking for large class sizes, fraternitys or sororitys




Students who are looking to go to a party school. Dowling College has many campus activities but they are alcohol free. Students who want to live the college campus life are not meant for Dowling. Students who dorm at Dowling usually go home for the weekend. Also, professors expect a lot from their students. Those who are not willing to work hard and apply their studies to the real world are not really meant for Dowling. Participation is a large part of the college's classes. The classes are usually very small which requires particiaption among peers.


this school has everything for everybody we have all the sertio type people and everyone gets along great


Someone who is closed minded, selfish and judgemental.