Dowling College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


the cost


where to get cheap textbooks


The enviroment and how social the students are with one another.


How small the campus was and that there aren't many extra cirricular activities available because it is mainly a commuter college


I wish I knew how much time would be consumed with all of my activities with the school. I played varsity golf and went to school full time for the college. While doing this, I also worked full-time......Sometimes It became to much.


i wish i had known what i was going to major in


I wish I had known how much textbooks would cost. I would have bought stock in those textbook companies.


That the professors aren't as intelligent as you would think, and the classes aren't as hard as people will tell you they are. Also how much this was going to cost me, so I could have arranged to sell some organs in order to afford it.