Dowling College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is hard for me to say only one best thing about my school where there aare so many things i love about my school. First off Dowling has an unbelievable campus in Oakdale. The individuals that attend dowling are amazing. In high school Iwas a very quient kid but after attending Dowling College I am friends with at least half of the students that go there. It is not a big school which is great so you can meet everyone and the class sizes are equivilent to high school so the professors know you personally which I love.


The best thing at Dowling College is that the Professors are always willing to help you. Student life is involved with the coursework and you get appreciated by getting both good grades and participating in school clubs.


We are on the water, we have an excellent education and aviation program, dual major programs, and the student government actually has cool activities!


The "Hogwarts Atmosphere" .. If you walk down furtunoff hall you literally feel like a character from Harry Potter. The outdoors are especially beautiful, seeing the Connetquot River right next to you and the artistic sculptures gives the nature feel.


Dowling's greatest features are as follows: 1. The professors in the education dept. because of thier experience, skills, and backgrounds and the postive relationships that they form with students 2. The school is on the water and that's pretty :) 3. The aviation school which is one of the top for the country 4. The people- everyone is nice and friendly- this includes professors and students alike 5. The ability to dual major- especially if you are going to be a teacher 6. the student government association


Dowling is secure leaning institution with breath taking scluture. They classes are average therefore the professor are able to interact better with the stusdent. There is a free tutoring therefore if a student struggle with a class help is available.


The best attribute to Dowling College is its size. The professors are able to form a connection with each student in order to fully aid in his or her college progression. A student is able to engross themselves in each course of study and feel comfortable enough to ask for help or seek aid in multiple forms available on campus. The majority of the professors are welcoming and believe in the student-professor bond that some students seek. This college allows the student to feel important and feel heard due to size alone.


the best thing about m school has to be the location and how it makes you feel at home. the atmosphere surrounding the school makes its a comfortable environment to learn and hang out with friends.


Opportunites with Student Government and open minded with student ideas


I think the best thing about my school is the class sizes and the teachers. The class sizes are not huge there are only about 20-30 people in a class and thats considered a big class. All the teachers really seem to care how you do in their class and really strive to make themselves available to you as much as possiable.


location pretty by the water


small, intimate classrooms settings. Fairly strong science department