Drake University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.




Drake Univeristy provides students with a unique higher education experience to cater to their success, while allowing for a tight knit community where it is easy to find and feel as sense of belonging and home.


Drake University is a university with high standards, diversity, creativity, future setting, and many more aspects greatly available to every single student.


My school is a private school with a smaller campus of about 5,000 kids located right near the center of Des Moines.


Drake University is a small campus school that will make a big difference in your future.


In order to produce the greatest caliber of success, Drake University prides itself on being a well-diversed and engaging school that encourages all students to commit themselves academically, socially, and mentally.


Nicest students you will ever meet.


It is a very good school, they area could use some work so there isn't as much partying.


Classes are mid-size, school community is friendly, you are expected to be an adult.


A hard working, studious minded young man, who can be overly mature for his age.


Drake is a fantastic place to go to school.


Drake is a smaller school but with great faculty with a drive to help students to their best and reach their goals.


Drake is a modern campus which stresses the importance of community and self betterment as well as acedemic achievement to prepare its students to be successful.


Drake University is a fantastic school all around.


It is very small.


In the political capital of the midwest, this school provides a liberal arts education and many extra-cirricular activities to get the best out of a college experience, and if need be, professional programs.


Good private university in the midwest.


I've wanted to study abroad in a different country since I was a freshman in high school. Since coming to Drake, I've learned of so many wonderful opportunitys for the study abroad option. However, I love this school and the people here so much, that I'm no longer sure I want to leave for a whole semester to study somewhere other than here. I feel a real connection to Drake University, and there isn't anywhere else I'd rather be!