Drake University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are diverse, outgoing, friendly, bright, compassionate, but most of all intelligent.


My classmates are intelligent, kindhearted, and completely strange and I love them.


What are your experiences with racial, religious, LGBT, socio-economic, and/or other groups on campus? I really haven't had any experiences with anyone except Greek life...and from my experience, being Greek is a bit like being in a cult. Otherwise, I've heard ALIVE (a Christian organization) is a bit the same way...they take things to the extreme. What kind of student would feel out of place at Drake? Often students who are not a part of the Greek system feel out of place...otherwise, people from small towns might as well because of the factor Des Moines plays on the campus. What do most students wear to class? Depending on the day, weather, etc., you may see people wearing anything from sweatshirts and sweatpants to jeans and a t-shirt to business casual. Do different types of students interact? Yes Where are most Drake students from? Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Malaysia. What financial backgrounds are most prevalent? Well-off. Are students politically aware / active? Are they predominantly left, right or center? Many are, left-leaning, generally. Do students talk about how much they'll earn one day? Occasionally


My classmates are determined, prepared for their futures, and responsible.


My classmates are all very laid back and easygoing as well as sharing this identity that although we made it into a private school, we're still kids at heart.


My classmates at Drake University make up a strong support system for me that gives me strength and encouragement for me at the times when I need it most.


My classmates at Drake University are very knowledgable, come to class prepared, expect and want to learn, bring up new and interesting points of view in class discussions, and are willing to help when help is needed.


Drake students are eager, educated, and open-minded towards real-world situations and academics.


My classmates are career-oriented and focused on academic success that will lead to plentiful opportunities in the professional world.


While there are a number of international students at Drake, the population is made up of mostly caucasian students. Almost all groups on campus have formed organizations to identify with. These include the Coalition of Black Students, La Fuerza Latina, Rainbow Union, and South Asian Student Association, among others. There is honestly something for everyone to get involved with no matter what you are interested in and I think Drake's student organizations do a great job of supporting such a diverse array of interests. The overall atmosphere around campus is very casual. Most students end up wearing sweats to class and don't spend much time on their appearance during the school week. If I could change one thing at Drake it might be the fashion sense that seems to be lacking by many.


Only 30 percent of students are from Iowa, so there's a great mix of midwest, national and international students. In general, students have a lot of fun but are more likely to focus on class when needed. The vast majority of students come to Drake because they appreciate the quality education and plan on using it to their advantage professionally (instead of drinking their way through skipped classes). Drake's also considered a somwhat liberal campus, though I've been in the presence of some great political arguments. I would say our student body is welcoming and accepting of difference. When I've visited friends at other schools, it can be hit or miss whether their own friends are willing to open up and be personable. Since my freshman year I've probably had friends visit Drake 20 or 30 times because they had a great time going out to the bars,etc. without feeling like an outsider. I'd say the general trend is to be excited to meet someone new or different.


They are like me.




nice, smart, academic, hard working, like to party


A diverse group of people with the common goal of success, that still know how to have a good time.


Students by the week, partiers by the weekend.


They are open-minded.


A person not living on campus will have a hard time fitting in, especially during the first year.


drake really does have a lot of organizations. there is something out there for everyone. i feel like drake has a great balance of students as well. there are students from many different backgrounds. many students are from the Chicago or Twin Cities areas.