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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


There's truth to all stereotypes, otherwise the stereotype wouldn't exist. Overall, yes, many of the students have a lot of money and some are very stuck up, but the "rednecks from hick towns" is false for the most part.


As with most stereotypes, the ones in reference to Drake students are not completely accurate. While there are a lot of students from around Iowa and the Midwest, there are just as many from across the U.S. as well as international students. Many people believe Drake students are extremely wealthy and have free rein over mommy and daddy's bank accounts. I know countless people who are studying at Drake and are responsible for paying their own tuition. Many of my friends have student loans and work hard during the school year to pay their bills. Most students come to Drake for the quality education, not the private-school label.


meh, you can make the argument that all stereotypes are based on a grain of truth, but then again they're just stereotypes. experience things for yourself, form your own opinions and then come back here, answer this question, and perpetuate misconceptions. Yay!!


To some extent. Not all profs run around with their noses high in the air. Not all get drunk and visit a pizza place on the same night. Or any night for that matter. There are LOTS of international students here too.


drake students are definitely smarter on the average, but the students come from so many different backgrounds. there are kids from chicago and minneapolis that come from families with quite a bit of money, but the scholarships drake provides means the school is affordable to poor iowa farm kids also.