Drake University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


What are the most popular groups/organizations/clubs/teams on campus? Greek life pretty much dominates everything. It only accounts for about 30% of the population, but it feels all-pervasive to non-Greek students. Do students in dorms leave their doors open? In the freshman dorms, most students leave their doors open, but upperclass students typically do not. How popular are athletic events? Athletic events are generally not popular, the exception being basketball. Tell us about the dating scene. You go to the bar and hook up with someone...if it happens more than once, the couple starts thinking about dating. Also, within Greek life, it is not uncommon for members of frats and sororities to date because of the their commonalities. If you're awake at 2am on a Tuesday, what are you doing? Laying in bed, trying to sleep. What traditions/events happen each year? Street painting, Drake Relays How often do people party? Typically between 2-4 nights a week (on average) How important are fraternities/sororities? To the campus, incredibly important. To me, not at all. What did you do last weekend? I drank 3 of the nights while hanging out with friends and watching movies. What can you do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking? I'd actually like someone to give me that information... What do you do off campus? Um...eat, hit the bars, and shop at Walgreen's.


Living in the freshman dorms is one of my best memories at Drake. They have all been recently renovated as well which is a huge plus for incoming students. Greek life is pretty popular at Drake, but it is not the only social option. Personally I feel as though there is a lot of pressure to be in a relationship at Drake...many students are in very serious relationships which I think is more of a Midwest trend than anything else. Weekend life is pretty standard....Drake students are typically big drinkers. There are a number of campus bars that most students attend on a regular basis...the scene is pretty much the same every weekend and the bars are usually filled with the same people. By far, the biggest social event at Drake is Drake Relays. Technically, the relays are a track meet that brings star athletes from around the country to compete. For Drake students, however, it has turned into the biggest party of the year. There is no real way to describe the chaos that is Drake Relays...one must simply experience it for themself! There are also a number of options for non-drinkers at Drake- (yes, they do exist). Mars Cafe is a great coffee shop located right in the heart of Dog Town. They are open late and often have live music on the weekends. In addition there is a movie theater as well as a number of restaurants. Most student organizations usually have activities on the weekends as well.


The majority of people stick around on the weekends, and if you they're not on campus they're out having fun in Des Moines. You'll find underage drinking comparable to most schools during the first few few years, but at Drake they focus on keeping students safe rather than punishment. I can't believe how many friends from other schools talk about "MIP's" as a daily occurance. Drake takes responsibility for their own students safety by campus security dealing with nearly all problems, rather than the police.


Frats and such are most popular. Also, I've lived off campus, so I have little to do witht this stuff =)


There are house parties in the weeks prior to rush. After rush you need a fake for the shitty bars, or a bid in order to enter greek life. Outside of those who drink (constantly), small cliques are formed, and there is also the cultish Alive christian organization. The city has nothing to offer college students...


half of drake students are involved in greek life. great athletics teams to support. Bucksbaum and FEI lectures bring in top notch speakers like Bob Costas, Ben and Jerry, and big name corporate executives. Drake Relays! lots of coffee shops in the area.