Drake University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I believe that the worst aspect of Drake is that it is not as diverse in terms of socio-economic status as some other larger schools. Because it is a private university, the cost tends to scare away students who may come from families who aren't as well-off. Don't let that discourage you, though, because they offer wonderful academic scholarships to those students who need and deserve it!


The worst thing about my school is the area the school is in. I feel safe usually, but not all the time. Of course, we all are as safe as we let ourselves be, just don't put yourself in a bad situation. If you feel like the situation is a bad one, be prepared to defend yourself.


The worst thing about Drake University is the tuition cost. I think this because affording my tuition is a hassle on my income and my money situation and will be for a long time.


I would consider the worst thing about Drake to be the recreation center. It's very small and doesn't really have enough cardio equipment for busy hours.


Not matter how great Drake is, it does have a few downfalls. The weather is horrible. From November to April, it is doubtful that you will see the grass because it is covered with snow. And, sometimes there are technology malfunctions. The IT guys usually get it fixed promptly, but it is still annoying trying to look up stuff on an internet connection that is broken.


I would probably have to say that the food is not the best here... I mean, not all of it is bad, but because we're a smaller school, there's less food choices, which makes it a little harder to find a variety of meals.


The worst part about Drake University is its geographical location. Des Moines, Iowa is not the most pleasant place to be in the middle of winter. Just this winter, the University has been closed down for three days: two due to a blizzard and one due to an ice storm. The inclement weather can make driving and getting to class difficult. The cold weather often lasts until the end of March and into the beginning of April. As winter is not my favorite season, this is easily the worst part of attending Drake.


The worst thing about Drake is the sidewalks in non fair weather conditions. When it's raining, they are extremely sick and turn into waterfalls. In the winter, the sidewalks become pure ice, and it can be a nightmare walking to and from night classes and activities. Even when it's slushy, the sidewalks are still very icy. Sometimes, it's easier to walk through several inches of snow rather than risking the sidewalks.


The worst thing about Drake University would just be the amout of care they put into cleaning and maintaining their walkways. When it rains on campus, the whole place practically turns into a lake. Sidewalks turn into small waterfalls, a small dent in the pavement turns into a pond. With the recent cold weather and all the snow, the sidewalks have become more of tunnels. There are dangerous spots of ice everywhere and so much snow packed down on the paths, I feel like I'm hiking to class.


The price tag. It is very expensive, but a grea education.


There isn't a very big availability of rooms for upperclassman in residence halls.


There really isn't too much to do in Des Moines.


I think Drake puts too much focus on the individuality of professors; there is a lack of cohesivness within the professors grading styles and scoring that can make it difficult to keep track of how one is doing in each particular class.


The worst thing about our school is the location. While Des Moines itself is a growing city, it is still relatively small, which reduces our options for both weekend entertainment and immediate career placement when we graduate. However, Drake does an excellent job making the most out of our city, and always has as many opportunities as possible for entertainment, jobs, etc.


The worst thing about Drake is the food and the fact that you are required to pay on campus living prices through your sophomore year - nothing major! The food isn't bad, you just have to watch what you eat sometimes. And dorm living is always expensive.


Again, the lack of diversity among students. I don't mean racially--honestly, it seems like everyone comes from a rich family and only cares about money. Brand names/certain clothes define who people are....I feel like I'm in junior high again.


Drake University is a private school and therefore attached to its classification include higher tuition costs. If a student were to enroll without much financial aid (including scholarships and grants), the student would be paying an exspensive amount to attend.


The location only because I am from a big metropolitan area (chicago) and des moines is less profile than that.


There isn't much in Iowa when you aren't in one of the major cities.


Not diverse enough.


The administration isnt always helpful and friendly; the food sucks!


The worst thing about my school has got to be the financial and housing situation. I had no choice in moving off campus, they had no where for the upperclassmen to live except in the expensive new apartments the university had built and I couldn't afford that. And because I moved off campus I lost some of my financial aid.


Binge Drinking. Facility hours


Worst thing about Drake would only be the food gets a little repetative, but I have visited freinds at other colleges, and they say the same thing. I think its just a college food thing. Doesn't bother me that much.