Drake University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Rich, "uppity", all white rednecks from hick towns (who magically came into a lot of money??)


Typically Drake students are steroptyped to come from wealthy Midwest families. Since Drake is a private school it is easy for outsiders to write Drake students off as rich and snobby.


Drake typically is criticized for having a majority of its student body hail from the midwest. However, midwesterners are stereotyped as down to earth, friendly, and really into casseroles... If you don't enjoy these things, Drake might not be the best for you.


Students: Rich, white farm kids that know all about John Deere since birth. They also like to get drunk. A lot. And have pizza at Paul Revere's after a night in Peggy's. And they always wear blue and/or anything with "Drake" or a bulldog on it. Drake: Tough, upper-class private university with highly-educated up-to-date stuck-up profs.


people from the des moines area think drake students are smart, rich snobs.