Drake University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


What's the best thing about Drake? Small population, professors actually care if you're in class and doing well (can be a nuisance as well when you're looking for autonomy) Name one thing you'd change. The mandatory attendance policy that most professors have. I'm paying to go to school, I'm and adult, I think I can determine if I need to be in class. Not only is attendance required (which may be a "soft" policy at other schools), but most professors base a considerable chunk of your grade on attendance. Is your school too large, too small, or just right? Size is a personal preference, but I feel fairly comfortable with the size. I came from a high school that was just slightly smaller than Drake. However, I do sometimes wish the population was bigger so I could get lost and be anonymous in a while. How do people react when you tell them you go to Drake? "Where is that? Oh yeah...I've been to Des Moines. So you're going to be a lawyer?" Where do you spend most of your time on campus? Dorm rooms, whether it be my own or friends'. College town, or "what college town?" "What college town". We're in the middle of Des Moines and I feel the culture of Des Moines shapes Drake much more than Drake shapes Des Moines. What's your opinion of Drake's administration? I've had very little interaction with administration...the little I HAVE had has been negative because of certain policies that are being enforced. That says nothing about how they do their jobs or personality, I just don't agree with certain things that are going on. What was the biggest recent controversy on campus? Either the crackdown on drinking or the 4-5 deaths within the last 2 years. Last year there was also a major issue with one of the fraternities and hazing. The frat has been kicked off campus, however. Is there a lot of school pride? There might be...I've never been to a sporting event. The football team generates no excitement, though basketball is better. Is there anything unusual about Drake? Not that I can think of off the top of my head. What's one experience you'll always remember? I got in trouble with the law for the first time...first time in court as well. (This is in direct relation to an alcohol crackdown that the administration is in the middle of) What are the most frequent student complaints? Attendance policies, course rigor is very uneven depending on your professor and major


Drake is very small. Some like to joke about the similarities between Drake and high school. The thing to keep in mind if you are a Drake student is to be aware that gossip spreads like wildfire. Be responsible for your actions because whatever you do WILL be known around campus in a very short period of time...(you'd be surprised!). Drake isn't located in your typical "college town" as the surrounding area is very residential, but there are a number of coffee shops bars, and restaurants all withing walking distance. Drake is very well known and respected especially throughout the Midwest, so it is always smart to mention that you are a student there ;)


Drake's best quality is definitely the small classroom. Whether you graduated with 50 or 900 students, you can't deny the benefits of getting to know your peers and profs at college. Professors typically make a very concerted effort to learn the names of their students, interact on a personal level in and out of the classroom and are required to hold a minimum number of office hours per week, though most make themselves available more than is healthy for any professional (some even give out home or cell numbers). Drake's smaller size sometimes scares students away, who think you need to be surrounded by 20,000+ students to make any friends in college. Not true. Making friends and meeting people is a new challenge no matter the size of your school. It's what the college does to help you along the way that's important.


Best thing: Super profs and great starbucks coffee at the Cowles cafe (but that doesn't beat Mars) One thing to change: Divisionary fences between departments and schools. Also, FAC needs a a serious non-maze makeover! And Business students need to take writing classes. Size: Just right. There are fears, however, that the large influx of freshmen will threaten the small classrooms :( Reactions from people in the Midwest: You go to Drake?! That's cool! Reactions from people in California: Drake? What's that? Best place to study: Reading Room in Cowles. It has a very studious feel to it.


i love drake. the combination of small class sizes, availability of teachers, modernization of des moines, and friendly students makes it a great school.