Drake University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who wants to discover parts of themself that they never knew existed! Drake is a great choice for anyone, but it is especially wonderful for those people who want to make friends from multiple different social circles and expand their frame of mind. However, make sure you are prepared for rigorous coursework, because Drake takes education very seriously!


Students looking to attend Drake should be intelligent and genuinly care about their education. They should be compassionate and friendly towards one another. Most importantly, they should be passionate about something, whether it be art, animals, math, or simply making a difference. As long as they're passionate about something, then they belong at Drake University.


There is a large variety of people attending this school and it is a great fit for just about anyone.


Any person that is ambitious and loves to be involved would make a great student at Drake University. There are a multitude of ways to become involved on campus, so there is really something for everyone to do- arts, research, social organizations, athletics. People who enjoy leadership positions would also do well here, as leaders at a small school such as Drake can have a huge impact on campus and the student body.


To attend Drake University, you have to be a driven person who is willing to learn. The professors are fun and entertaining, but the work load and the demands from the class are high. Besides the work part of it, a person who comes to Drake should be a fun person who is able to get along with everyone. The Resident Assistants really try to bond their floors in the dorms, which makes living here a much more fun experience. Also, your college career will be much more exciting if you know a lot of people!


Anybody can attend this school, there are no specific groups. Drake Univeristy is a very diverse campus and welcomes any and everyone to their family


Anyone. It is a very welcoming place.


Someone who likes a smaller campus and is willing to work hard


Anyone looking for a liberal-arts college that is average-sized. It is located near the downtown area of Des Moines, which has fun nightlife but isn't overwhelmingly big. The campus includes brick buildings and large grassy areas.


To attend Drake, one should be self motivated; alot of work is thrown your way but it isnt always required that you turn that work in you need to keep on top of yourself. A student at Drake also needs to be responsible and have a desire to learn.


Whether you were the biggest jock in your highschool, the spirited cheerleader, the independent one, the biggest book worm, the prom queen, the artsy thinker, or the punk rocker in the school band, you should attend this high school. You will find great education, a number of friends, caring mentors, and a home. The school is a community in itself accepting of everyone who enters because each person brings a diversity and a uniqueness to campus making Drake what it is--always redefining itself with changing times. Drake is for anyone ready for a needed change.


Students who are serious about their education and want to excel in their major so that getting a good job is a real possiblity.


Any kinds of people can attend this school. I feel that Drake is an inclusive college because they offer a lot of opportunities, such as financial aid. While the tuition is very high, I feel that Drake compensates for that with trying to help students get scholarships and get on-campus jobs. I feel anyone would find a niche at Drake.


The type of person who should attend this school should be open minded and dedicated, willing to learn new things and meet new people.


A person who wants to learn a lot but still have a core set of friends.


Anyone who wants to attend a great school. Anyone who is looking for a school with a small school feel in a large city that has lots of oppertunities. If you really want to learn as much as you can but also be a well rounded individule then this is where you want to be. Its not all textbooks here. Professors bring the real world into the classroom with real life experience and great lectures from businessman and women from a variety of industries. Drake is truely one of a kind!