Drake University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I don't think it matters what kind of a person attends this school. However, I think you should only attend this school though if it offers a major that you are interested in.


You need to be ready to get involved in order to be happy here. There is a club for everyone, but if you are willing to sit on the sidelines, you don't belong at Drake.


People shouldn't attend Drake if they aren't willing to work hard. The classes are very interesting, but they do take work. The professors expect a lot out of their students; they want students to excel and believe pushing them is the best way to achieve that. If people aren't willing to put forth the effort, both in class and outside of class, they may not do as well as they hoped. Attendance at every class session is a must, so people who prefer to skip class would not do well at Drake.


The only type of people that shouldn't attend are those that don't want to learn. If you're not going to give your all, why bother going to a good university


A person who does not take his or her education seriously. Even though college is a time of fun, this school also takes academics very seriously and in order to stay here and get the most out of an education, students need to be serious as well.


Someone from a large city and is used to a lot of people. Also someone who is antisocial or lazy, and does not attempt to make friends.


People who do not want to go to big schools because we have over 50,000 students attending UCF (including their other campuses) and there isn't that much parking at the main campus.


A person that should not attend Drake is someone who is looking for larger, lecture courses and for professors that don't get to know their students personally. This is also not the college for someone who doesn't have an open mind or someone who isn't open to change.


Someone who is not serious about succeeding and doing a lot of work. Someone who is obsessed with partying.


One who likes a big campus or a big city. Also, if you aren't big into drinking, there aren't too many other things to do. Everyone around here is either an athlete or a part of greek life. Aperson with an undecided major also should not attend here. There isn't a huge variety of majors, so if you want to look around, there really isn't too much to do.


People who don't like to learn and work hard to be the best they can; people who are intolerant of others who are different


Anyone that watns to attend drake needs to be goal-oriented and self-sufficient. You have to have drive and love for what you are studying. Reading is neccessary and you willnot be able to slide by. Hard work and devotion will be neccessary!


If you like big city life then Drake might not be a college for you.


Someone who wants to be at a school with a huge downtown area.