Drew University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The amount of people per classes. Not all univeristies are small, in fact, most univerties are very huge, that's the different from college and university. The fact that Drew is a small liberal art university is a win, win. Everyone is able to communicate better and seek any kind of help from teachers.


The great sense of family and friendship I have with fellow classmates. The fantastic and engaging professors I have had.


I usually start by saying that the campus is simply breathtaking and that the science department and faculty have been more than wonderful during my times there. The school also provides wonderful tutoring and help for struggling students in there studies.


Drew is a beautiful campus in the forest where one can really feel at peace with nature. The professors are very approachable and love sharing their enthusiasm for their fields with their students. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests and have rich social lives.


We're small


I emphasize the fact that it is a small campus, allowing for better student-to-teacher interaction. Class sizes are smaller, thus facilitating in-class discussion which helps students to learn more effectively and understand the material. We have a top-notch psychology and political science department. Also, our school has a particularly high rate of students that find jobs within their field after graduation.


I brag about the sense of community i have found here.


The professors are absolutely amazing and incredibly intelligent and credentialed.


That Medieval Thing, a medieval reenactment club on campus. There are two events a year. Revels is held every December. It is a two hour feast where the members perform a plot, plays, sing pubsongs, belly dance, and interact with the guests like they were from medieval times. Durring April we hold a Medieval Festival outside with the entire day devoted to a plot, plays, pubsinging, games and tournaments, vendors, dancing, art, a live chessboard, and much, much more. It is like you have been transported with many other people to a medieval town.


how the coursework is tough but productive. the amount i learn. the fun on weekends


how it's a friendly, liberal school, on a beautriful campus with friendly professors


Professors really do intereact with students a lot. They are readily available and are always up to discuss things after class.


Small class sizes, awesome faculty, and a beautiful campus!


I brag about how accommodating the faculty and staff are at Drew. I once needed to classes for a minor I wanted to add but they were both scheduled at the same time, so I asked if I could maybe do an independent study to make up one of the courses. Instead, they rescheduled the courses!


My scientific research in conducting new chemotherapy drugs. Although the school does not favor nor pay much attention to the science department or pre-medical/pre-law students, the individual professors are fantastic in giving students research opportunities and helping these students excel in college and prepare for the real world. It's just unfortunate that the University as a whole tends to neglect our future doctors and lawyers.


The classes are small. The professors are really good and like the students alot. You get alot of different kinds of experience, from leadership to self-confidence.