Drew University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The only thing I see that is the worest thing about my school is that the cafateria food is horrrible, but they make up for it in their snack bar.


It's hard to determine the worst thing of something that I enjoy so much. I would say the worst part is the food, and that's even bearable. There's really nothing that I can think of that's absolutely terrible. But that's a good thing.


I am not sure what the worst thing is. At the university, everything closes a lot earlier than most schools and we have less non academic facilities (such as food and recreational facilities) than most schools.


The high prices of the food. Drew has a variety of meal plan options, a few of which include points that are viable at the Convenience Store, the Snack Bar, and the BC Cafe. The prices of the food items at places that take points causes your points to be used up more quickly than originally intended had meals been more reasonably priced.


Poor scholarly environment created by other students


I think the worst thing about this school is how some of the members of the sports teams act. The men's basketball team, baseball, and soccer team are disrespectful towards women and tend to lash out at certain groups for speaking their mind. Granted, they are a small portion of our campus but they are known for their immature and cruel behaviors. A soccer player even told a joke at a male pagent we have any year about the women at Drew and how they aren't pretty enough to get raped. It's disgusting.


Cannot bring my car on campus because sometimes I feel like I am trapped on campus and I cannot get off.


There is a lack of school spirit at Drew, which is discouraging for athletes, and not very appealing for prospective students.


It is really dead on the weekend and it is hard to find a party where there is no drinking...since I do not drink. Also although there are over 100 extra curricular activities on campus they do not join together to get things accomplished better. The school has so much potential, it just needs the right people in charge (which is why I'm so involved)


The food is horrendous, and the school's administration is kind of ridiculous in terms of decision making, especially with financial aid. You WILL pay out the nose for Drew University.


sometimes students are unwilling to accept new students