Drew University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


In very rare cases, the University puts the wealthier students at an advantage. This is frustrating to me because when these students disobey the school's rules and regulations, they do not receive the same punishment as students who are not as financially sound.


I think the most frustrating thing would be the separation that can occur between different groups on campus. It can sometimes be difficult to talk to different groups due to the separation between sports teams, theme houses, and other groups. This can be frustrating when you are trying to meet people in other groups or break out of the group you have fallen into.


As much as I love the campus and the different activities the Program Board sets up, I really want a place to just go and let loose for awhile. There's a couple cafe's, the University Center, and the dorm lounges where you can hang out until late, but it's frustrating not having a place where you can just go with a group of friends and just dance. At least one dance club or something would make all the difference in the world, especially after a long night or an even longer week of studying.


The food is bad and the same all the time


academic work


The lack of transportation for freshmen, sophomores, and others without cars.


The inability to get out of the meal plan stinks! The food is not the best and the resources to make food and the snack bar offer enough choices food wise.


There's a lack of diversity and it's getting incredibly expensive. Seek out as much financial aid as possible and be tolerant of everyone around you.


Apathy of students. People just don't care enough here.. I hate that when I want to go into the city or do something different, most of my friends, unless its a girlfriend, would rather stay on campus and drink or something. Our Saturday nights are typical, but the parties are always the same and it gets lame.


This school offers a great education with small classes of ten to twenty students driven by lectures and group discussion, however the student body sometimes take this for granted. Some students do not realize that being able to speak one on one with Professors who have their PhD and are a leader in their field doesn't happen at other schools.


The most frustrating thing is the fact that many of the students and faculty are very strong liberals. These views at times can be imposed on other students and brought up throughout the class as if they are the one and only viewpoint that a student it allowed to hold.