Drew University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I knew exactly how useful it is to have a car on campus or have a friend who has a car, since you can't have one freshman or sophomore year. It really helps, mostly with groceries; it's only a half hour walk to stop and shop, but you don't want to have to walk half an hour with groceries or similar bags in your hands.


Before coming to this school, I wish that I had known and was more aware of the amazing oppurtunites and challenges that Drew has to offer. I wish that I had known some of the wonderful people I wound up encountering, many of which have guided and helped me along my academic journey throughout my freshman year.


People are really friendly and helpful and always use that to better your education along with building yourself as a person and take advantage of every opportunities and resources (especially with small classes and caring teachers), but don't ever take advantage of the helpfulness to the point that you become lazy and unproductive. Try your hardest, it's for a short time and your down time will be during breaks (such as a month and a half long winter break). Better grades, not greater credits.


The administration (not academic advisors) are not very helpful when it comes to your needs. The financial aid department does not offer much assistance when students are in need of help; this is especially bad because Drew costs 59,000 a year. Besides this, I love my school because the education I am receiving outweighs the problems that I deal with.


It is an expensive school


I wish I had known to keep applying to scholarships even though my freshman year wasn't going to be a problem to pay, that I should save the money I earned from my first job, and that some of the "lifelong" friends I would make my freshman year would turn out to mean nothing later on while others will make you wonder how you ever lived without them.


I wish I had known that I would not be able to gain as much financial aid as I need. I wish I had known that despite being on the Dean's List all two years I have been here, I would not receive more merit based aid/ scholarship. I am in dire need of more money becuase neither my parents can afford the tuition.


I wish I had known how difficult the language courses would be. I took three years in highschool, but I never would've taken the second semester Spanish course had I known that it would be so much more difficult than what I was used to. I would have stuck with the first semester rather than trusting the palcement test results.


The condition of the living spaces.


I don't know.


There is quite an active drug crowd, on the weekends there is nothing to do but drink, and public safety officers frequently are completely useless or overstep boundaries


I wish I had known how wealthy the rest of the students were, and that I would be somewhat out of place. For the most part the people I am actually friends with are not very well off, so I fit in well with my friends. In general though, the student body has a very North Jersey wealthy style, with lots of UGG boots and designer jeans.


Drew advertises itself to be in close proximity to New York City. Madison, NJ looks close to NYC on a map, but New Jersey Transit takes over an hour and now costs almost $20 for a round trip ticket. I would have liked to have gone to a school that was in or much closer to a metropoitan area. Madison is an extremely dull town. Its residents are afluent and predominantly white and refuse to let their town become a "college town". Madison pretty much shuts down by 8pm.


That there were bo GREEKS and they did not help with my major and that they are divison III.


I knew everything about it since my cousin went to Drew.


I wish I had known that a year after I came, the tuition would go up making Drew the most expensive school in New Jersey. I can't afford paying almost $50,000 a year even with financial aid.