Drew University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Drew University is defently the support you will get from students and the faculty satff. Where ever you get into a problem or situation the school is very supportive in helping you getting help and assitance to get through it.


There are two 'best things' about Drew University in my opinion. The first is the relationship that develops between the professors and students, and how close they are. The second is the fact that everyone on campus forms their own friend groups that they feel comfortable with, while not being excluded from other friend groups.


My school is small; the biggest class I have had is fifty students and even then you are able to have one on one with the professor. They are willing to help as much as they can and help you succeed.


The best thing about Drew is that there is always something to do. I am never bored. Whether I am playing a club sport, working, at a club meeting, or going to a weekly performance, there is never a dull moment in my day. Student activities is always looking for a steal for the students, whether that be Yankee's tickets for 25 Dollars, Broadway tickets for 15 dollars, or a day trip to Washington DC for 5 dollars. It is amazing.


I think the best thing about it is all the opportunities that are available. There are a lot of different groups and clubs on campus, there are things to do close by, and the city is just a train ride away. All of these choices lead to a very diverse community. Everyone there is intelligent with a bunch of different interests. It allowed me to be exposed to a lot of things I had never seen or experienced before.


I don't know.


The best thing about Drew is the ease at which I am able to do a lot of things. I am a double major in theatre and environmental science as well as a french minor. Drew makes it easy to accomplish all the courses I need for each major and the minor and still allow me to have free time to do the things I want to do, such as intramural sports and various clubs.


Drew is extremely helpful. Professors are always available to discuss classes or things outside of class, the career center is extremely resourceful in helping students find internships and jobs.


At Drew there is a strong focus on learning how to learn and thrive in both academic and professional settings. This, beyond the actual coursework, is what makes Drew a lifechanging experience and quality education for undergraduate students.


Professor accessibilty and small class sizes


I love how it is close to my home.


The professors are very helpful and always willing to help the students. There have been several occassions in my classes when the professors have told the students not enough people were coming to office hours, and they were surprised.


The small classes are a great asset to Drew University. That coupled with the enthusiastic teaching staff makes a very exciting learning environment for those students who wish to take advantage of their professors' availability.


Their academics are extremely good because they make sure the students are on point and if you do not have a reason a G.P.A. you get kick out ...


The academics are the best thing about my school. The professors are great. Also, I feel that the students are generally very friendly and accepting.


The people are all great - it's such a small community (only about 1200 total undergrads) so you really do know most of the people at school, and especially in your grade. The community is strong.


The best thing might be how the campus looks; the style of the buildings and the nature with trees and an arboretum.


The study abroad opportunities are the best thing about Drew. Here you are able to choose a semester in another country, or a Drew International Seminar which is three weeks that correspond with a semester long pre-departure course. In all study abroad endeavors, the University provides plenty of support.


Nearness to NYC, accessibility of professors and academic resources.