Drexel University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are driven and smart. Sometimes they can think a little highly of themselves. Overall, they are well-rounded people.


My classmates are mostly casual but have smart and interesting ideas to share if you pry at them for a bit.


My classmates are smart and they contrivute in class discussions a lot, and we have many group projects which are great working with excellent classmates.


My classmates are stressed, hardworking individuals who don't mind helping out others with areas that they may be more skilled in.


My classmates were a diverse group with unique talents


Classmates are really dependent on major. Drexel reaches a broad range of people. Regardless everyone is very helpfull and willing to adapt to the person they are working with. Be open minded and your classmates will be open minded towards you.


Depends on the class, some are focused and interested, others are arrogant and annoying.


My classmates are all unique in their own way, but since most of them are communication majors like myself, it is very easy to work together and form friendships within my major; many of them are very outgoing and great at networking, so it is never difficult to hold a conversation with them.


Mos groups are very open and supportive, just show up! There are few PJ-wearers and the well-clad ones along with generally decent students are common. Diverse backgrounds, some are wel-oof. Center, most students are aware of politics.


It's clear from very early on who is going to succeed and who will not; the ones who do the bare minimum in order to get back to their social life are going to be waiting tables for the rest of their lives while the students who challenge themselves with each assignment will be working in their field shortly after graduation.


Drexel has a wide variety of students. Some students are exceptionally brilliant (multiple fellowships, awards, competitions etc winners) students who could easily be at MIT or an Ivy League school. Then we have students in the middle of the pack, who are not quite as brilliant but certainly still pretty smart and very hard working. And at the very end of the spectrum, we have a lot of students who are not as bright or hard working.


they are cool


My classmates are goal oriented and eager to fufill their dreams.


My classmates are focused, ambitious, driven, creative, friendly, competitive, leaders who strive for greatness in everything that they do.


They seem practical and committed to achieving, though frequently overwhelmed.


The students at Drexel University are very competitive and goal-oriented individuals.


We are all busy people working in an online environment to achieve the same goal which is higher education


Easily distracted in large lectures, but seem to spend time outside to focus and learn material. Most seem driven, everyone is on time and respectful . My class mates all take group work seriously


They are great.


My classmates are a diverse group of people that have all come together at this fine institution for one ultimate goal, a chance at their dream job.


At Drexel, students engage very easily with each other and find activities that suit them. There is a broad range of activities from Jet-I clubs to Recreational sports. Students will not have a hard time being active on campus or meeting new friends with similar interests.


Diverse population


Diverse student body


Enjoy your time and make the best out of the opportunities offered.


If I don't know you, it's every man for himself.


I think that we have a pretty good diversity at our school. We do have a lot of Asian students who come here from China but we also have a lot of students from New Jersey and other cities in Pennsylvania. I think we also have a nice diversity of personalities as well, as in we aren't all in frats and sororities.


The student population at Drexel varies tremendously! There are people from all different backgrounds. However, I would say that the commuter student population is the biggest. Drexel is accessible in many ways and since the university is so expensive, students save money by living at home. Once a student gets into the upper level classes, there may not be much variety in the students, but everyone has different views and opinions on every topic, so there is always a good discussion ahead. Depending on the class level (freshman, sophomore, etc), students will wear and interact differently. Most freshman dress in whatever they wore to bed, talk to everyone loudly, and walk the slowest. On the other hand, upper classmen have gotten in work experience and may be working/ going to school at the same time. They wear business casual, concentrate on their studies, and always seem to be in a rush. Everyone still talks to everyone else and there doesn't seem to be many fights or arguments between students because everyone focuses on their work.


Drexel does have a very diverse student body, we have students from all over the world and from all religious and political backgrounds. I would say that it is pretty easy for anyone to find a good group of friends here, and people that share similar views. There are a TON of different clubs and student organizations, there really is something for everyone. Most of the students that go here do come from a wealthier financial background (I mean we were named the most expensive school in the nation), but I do know a few students who are paying their way through themselves (no idea how, but props to them!). Everyone is hoping that when they leave Drexel all the hard work will pay off and they will be making as much if not more than their parents.


If america is the melting pot of the world, Drexel Unversity might be the melting pot of the academic scene. There are students from literally all over the world who decide to come to Drexel to study. The student body is incredibly diverse, and all students will feel welcomed and be able to find their place. The school is a very accepting University.


You can find any type of student at Drexel. There are tons of clubs based on academics, interest groups, religion, and new clubs are popping up each term!


I've only met my new class during orientation but they all seem pretty enthusiastic and ambitious.


Most of the kids I met at Drexel are self-motivated students who love what they are doing. Some of my friends in the engineering field goes around school woking on computers just because they love technology. Others spend countless hours studying during their free time. They are very organized in how they go about their day. Most do go out to party but only on non exam weeks to relieve stress. After a while the up-tempo lifestyle can be mastered and Drexel become a good time away from home.


I know some (smart!) supernerds who make me look like I have a life, some people who have a decent compromise of academics and social life, and people who aren't interested in the least in the things that I am, but are still completely nice anyway. And there are people who make you think "who the hell let this moron in?" I don't hear much about race, gender, orientation, etc. so I think it's a nonissue for most people. The one thing that really brings people together is hating the bullshit classes and red tape, but if you commute that still gives you less time to complain with your fellow students.


Great caring group of students who genuinly are made to be nurses.


People who like living near a city. And near other univerisities. Hard working, serious about their future




My classmates are very sweet and very young. A few are eager to learn while others are busy with their personal lives. Because my classmates share the same academic schedule alot of the students have became friends are formed tightly knit groups.


Overall, my classmates at Drexel University are intelligent and determined students.


They off a wide array of ideas when it comes to discussing topics in the classrooms.


Their friendly, encouraging and very influencial in a positive way.


Our student body is very, very diverse. It's tough to sum up Drexel in a paragraph like this; if you are a whitebread conservative from Kansas, you will find friends here. If you are a gay kid from NYC, you will find friends here. If you are from China, you will find friends here. The best part is, no matter which of these stereotypes you may fall into, you will more than likely make friends not just within your groups but with others as well.


Classmates played a large role in my freshman year at Drexel including large study groups and group projects, however since then my classmates and I do not depend on eachother as much because we have learned to be more independant.


The students are all typically friendly with one another and help each other through classes. Generally there is less competition with more collaboration within the school, and this allows students to grow and learn together without having to constantly be anxious or worried about whether what they are doing is sufficient.


Thoughtful and interested in succeeding in their chosen careers.


They are hard working students who help me and I help them depending on who excels in what subject.


My classmates are hard-working, intelligent people who are focused and committed to doing well in school.


family like and close knit.


All students have a passion for learning and work hard to achieve their goals, finding their hard work well rewarded.


A very out going, responsible group of people ready to take on the world.


My classmates give a lot of input and are very helpful when I ask for their opinion. They are also very outspoken, which is nice because it is interesting to see what other people think.