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Drexel University is an extremely fast-paced learning enviroment. Every course that a student takes is specific to your major. With a 10-week term as opposed to a 15-week sememster, classes are constantly going over new material. The student must be prepared to start working towards their major right off the bat. It is an extremely challenging school. It is often hard to take a time to rest as academics consume a lot of my time. If you are looking for a fast paced and specific learning path Drexel is for you. If not, find somewhere else.


Drexel is very unique being as though it is one of the few schools on a quarter system and also Drexel has a Co-Op system that is leading other schools around the nation. The Co-Op system was the main reason why I applied. I realized that it will give me 18 months of work experience by the time I graduate. Most students struggle to fine an internship, while I have a huge database of jobs available to me. Drexel really gives its students a leg up on others after graduation.


Drexel is very unique because of its career focused "Co-Op" program. The Co-Op program allows students to have a job within their field for 6 months at a time, with a maximum of 3 Co-Ops per student. Drexel teaches students good interviewing and professional techniques and also helps students find Co-Ops. The main reason I chose Drexel was due to the Co-Op program, because I knew it would help me figure out what career path I want to take.


One of the most unique things about Drexel is the Co-op program which gives students the experience of having a job before going out into the real world.


Coop program


The co-op program and the diversity of the student body.


Coop, you can do 1 in a four years, or 3 in 5 years


Drexel offers the opportunity to do a co-op program during several quarters throughout your college experience. Drexel offers massages during finals week to help relieve some of the stress caused by working so hard. This school and the staff has shown me a lot of support. They are very organized and interested in your success.


Drexel is unique because of its co-op program and trimesters. Most students from other schools do not understand why we are working 9-5 for 6 months and then taking classes for the other 6 months even through the summer.


Drexel University has a wide range of areas to study. I strongly suggest that students get involved in campus life to become apart of the Drexel commnity.


The Co-op program. By far the most usefule tool you will ever get the option to use during these years. You will gain invaluable experience and be more ready to go into the workplace than almost every other college student.


The focus that Drexel University places on their students career lives after graduation. They include one or three six-month co-op rounds for undergraduate students with possibly over 300 companies. Drexel also offers career fairs, job workshop seminars, networking events, guest speakers, career center services, mandatory classes that focus on personal and professional development (resumes, presentations, proper social media etiquette, etc.), as well as hands on classes to prepare students for their industry.


co-op and quarter system


Many people come here for the co-op program, (including myself). Many schools offer credit for internships, but here it is required and emphasized. We have a class that prepares us for our co-op. I learned a lot from the class and I feel secure that putting the name Drexel University in my resume will be beneficial to me in my career.


The co-op program is excellent, especially for students that aren't completely sure of what they want to do yet. Students get the option of one six-month, or three six-month internships during their tenure here at Drexel. They will get real work experience away from the classroom that will give them a feel for their given industry.


It offered many courses and degree programs on-line.


This is a very fast paced school. WE take 3 terms lasting 10 weeks instead of the two 15 week semesters. this makes the terms fast and demanding. I think this makes Drexel Students proud. The CO-op program is also very unique. It gives almost all students a chance to get in field work in the field they are majoring in. This is an amazing opportunity.


Drexel's co-op program and quarter system is what made this school my first choice. Since the school runs on a quarter system, courses at drexel are ten weeks long. This allows you to learn more material because you are taking on more courses within a year. The drexel co-op program allows you to take two quarters off from learning to spend six months working a full-time industry job within your major. This is great because drexel students will have full-time work expirence before they graduate.


Drexel is very career oriented. Most of the programs have built in interships and pretty much everyone who goes here has a very clear idea of what they want to do after school. They might not seem it on the surface, but everyone here is very determined and driven.


Drexel University has a quarter system where students are challenged day in and day out and work during their coop cycle (fall-winter or spring-summer). This allows students to gain maximum experiential learning through joining the work force and networking effectively. Addtionally, international coop offers the opportunity to challenge language barriers are view the world from a different perspective. Furthermore, our president, John Fry, makes it his sole mission to get us involved in the community and thus makes sure everyone has a community service requirement and can even minor in things like leadership development.


Academically focused and industry relevant.


The co-op program is pretty unique. Not many other schools offer 3 6-month internships for students during their undergraduate program. The 5-year, quarter program is also very unique to this school.


Co-op is the best college choice you can make - and Drexel has a great program! Best way to ensure a good job right out of college.


Drexel's Co-Op program makes it unique Instead of two 16-week semesters we have four ten-week terms. Most chose the 5-year/3 Co-Op options. This means that when you graduate, you not only have a degree from an outstanding university but 18 months of paid experience in your field. What other university can offer that?


Drexel is an abusive father. You know how loving he can be when you manage to stay on his good side, but most of the time you just wonder why he has to hurt you, and it makes you want to run away from home. The administration is Drexel's inner child molester. The co-op people, who are supposed to teach professionalism, don't answer their phones and will be busy with something else when you show up for an appointment. Financial Aid will fuck you and make your little sister watch. I'm a National Merit Finalist, which normally gets you a full scholarship at Drexel, but they wouldn't give me the scholarship because I graduated high school as a junior and was enrolled when I got the Finalist letter. After I pushed they said the program was new the year after I applied, but all I hear is I would have got more money if I lazed through high school another year, and they don't want to reward talent if they don't really have to. Don't listen to me, though. Draw your own conclusions. The new president (Fry) puts on looks of caring, but reeks of the same old song and dance. Time will tell.


Drexel University provides a unique combination in its Co-op program and location in the city of Philadelphia. As a Psychology Major, it will be extremely easy for me to integrate my Co-op experience with the unique needs of individuals in the city. I look forward to using both in order to assist individuals in need in the city as well as establish connection for other potential employment. The amount of experience Drexel University provides, in both its Co-op program and environment are unmatched.


Drexel doesn't have a traditional campus feel; it's not on it's own, isolated from the rest of the city. The campus is walking distance to Center City, where their are lots of shops and restaurants. Drexel is also literally right across the street from the University of Pennsylvania so there are lots of other students to meet besides the ones at Drexel.


Drexel is unique because of it's location, right in the middle of Philadelphia, a very historic city that has something to offer everyone. If you like the night life, there are tons of clubs...more into history? Check out the liberty bell or the constitution center. Music fan? No problem, tons of concert venues. Also, they offer a wide range of classes, to fit anyones interest.


An unique quality about Drexel is that it has students from all over the world in all walks of life. There are International students from China, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Russia, and many others. When you attend school you get to learn abut other cultures as well as learning about your chsen major. It is a once in a lifetime experience and leaves you with many new friends, and a new take on countries from around the world.


Drexel offered a well defined Mechanical Engineering program with an excellent co-op program. The co-op allows you to work in your field of major to establish a working knowledge of the principals you learn while in class. Drexel also offers an exciting location with many cultural experiences to explore in the city life.


The classes are not only online, but the university allows all dealings to not only occur by telephone, but also internet which fits well for adults returning to school who work 12 hour night shifts. Other schools allow only for telephone conversations and dealings, which does not work for adults whom work all night and sleep during the day. Very, very convenient.


My diverse group of friends are very career oriented and active among the community.


The most unique thing about Drexel as compared to the other schools I have attended is the co-op experience and the large amount of school spirit. I have attended Temple and COmmunity College before discovering what Drexel had to offer, and I found my perfect fit in regards to the social aspect, the community-based aspect, and the academic-career focused aspect.


The cooperative education program


Sure, every major university has problems. There is quite a bit of administrative red tape at Drexel, the campus isn't quite picturesque, and it's an expensive school. That being said, in my opinion, there are far more upsides than downsides. Drexel is a school that is on the cusp of greatness (a phrase I stole from another review here), and you want to hop on this train while you still can. Construction is crazy on campus here and Drexel's reputation is skyrocketing. You don't want to miss out! If you want to work hard while still having fun and come out of college with a degree that means something, Drexel is the school for you.


It has an online program for BS in Education and most schools don't have that. it makes it really convenient for someone who works full time.


Drexel is within five blocks from Center City Philadelphia. This location is what made drexel so attractive.


We were ranked top ten schools for Interior Design.


The co-op program is highly successful and allows students the opportunity to practice their chosen profession before leaving college. Usually, students who participate in the co-op program have job offers before graduation.


Drexel has by far one of the biggest and best cooperative program that prepares students for their career field.


Drexel offers a great coop program where students are able to get good job expierence before graduating.


There seems to be more opportunities to stay and succeed.


What is uniquie about Drexel is its program. I have never seen another program like it, and find it to be a very great opportunity for students.


Co-op experience, Huge amount of diversity, availability of resources, proximity to center city Phialdelphia.


In the case of my major, I find the Film & Video program is extremely hands-on and has an excellent emphasis on working in the industry and professors with experience in the field. It's also one of the few film schools with good equipment that you can use right from your freshman year and the structure of the program across your four years is very well thought-out.


Drexel operates on a term schedule, which allows a student to take more courses and receive a more well-rounded transcript.


It offers a Cooperative Program.


Drexel University offers the "co-op" experience. Which allows students to take a break from rigorous studying for 6 months and work full time at a job that gives them a taste of their field. It's a great opportunity and because of it most students stay at those jobs and earn money throughout the academic quarters.


Drexel University has a high success rate for their nursing program. They report a hundred percent success rate on the HESI examination for there nursing students. They do CO-OP which are 6 month externships to get you introduced into the field. Also they have quarter semesters rather than two semesters. They have a hundred percent success rate on the HESI for graduating nursing students because if you dont pass you get a health admistrator degree instead of a nursing degree. Also, the six month externships cost students about $20,000 each even though you don't attend classes.


Co-op program is excellent. Great academics. Challenging, world-class university, internationally renowned and recognized.