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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


I would say that the stereotype of students at Drexel isn't entirely false, but it is certainly not completely true. The stereotype at Drexel is probably the Engineering major. This student focus all of their efforts on working hard in classes and getting straight "A"s, often working very late into the night and even missing sleep entirely. They are not worried about a social life or having fun; they came to Drexel to earn their degree and achieve really high marks. This may be true for some engineering majors and students in general, but not all students are that way. It's not wrong at all to work very hard in school; you did come to school to learn after all. However, it's important to realize that the college experience is more than just earning really good grades. You will probably never have an experience like college ever again in your life. You have some many opportunities and there are so many people that you could meet. Thus, you really need to "live" the college experience to the fullest, and I believe a lot of students at Drexel do that. They could be engineering majors, or business majors, or something completely different.


We do have a high population of South Asian students, but who cares? People are people and the vast majority of students here are great. The nerdy stereotype holds true somewhat but they're mostly nerds who like to cut loose and have fun on weekends, which at the very least is entertaining.


They're well-founded, but not true (anymore). Drexel's grown a lot as a university with a diverse set of opportunities.


Yes. But not really... Drexel's campus does not have ivory towers or several hundred-year-old buildings covered in ivy. Its in the city, and its next to one of the oldest schools in the country, so the comparison is constantly in everyone's face. But the truth is, the university is making more and more strides on a regular basis to create a city campus that students are proud of. Since I came here, I've seen dozens of new, restored, and refurbished buildings and areas all over campus that make the image better and more comfortable. And the students do hate it here... because homework sucks, and so does waking up for class and not having money or a mom to cook food. But that's college, we deal with it have fun when we can, and in the end, learn to appreciate the time we spent here, the education we received, and the jobs we gain from the Drexel name.


Nope, but the majority is


to a certain extent but there is much that goes beyond that. many more students are coming to drexel that are different, new, exciting


The stereotypes mentioned above are very accurate. Drexel being a ten week quarter school demands in ten weeks what most other schools do in fifteen. In other words, it's not surprising to see both an engineer and an art major studying or working on a project on a Friday night. In fact, I think that's what sets the good DU students apart from the average and helps so many of them land good co-ops with big names like Dupont, GSK, Rohm and Haas, Lockheed Martin etc. This is not to say that Drexel students don't have fun. I think DU students have discovered ways to have fun without being wasted the entire weekend since they realize that an entire day of a hang-over could be the deciding factor between an A or a B in a class.


Heck no. Drexel students are just as smart (if not smarter) than Ivy League students. Lots of Drexel students actually made it into Ivy League schools and opted to attend Drexel for some other reason (like the awesome Co-op). We are also not "nerds". Sure, we're studious, but do "nerds" know how to have fun like we do?


Because Greek life is so prominent at Drexel, partying is definitely a big part of Drexel students' lives. Business students have different kinds of work to do than Engineering students - the two aren't really comparable.


These stereotypes are very inaccurate. Drexel is right in the city, who wouldn't love looking out their window to see a city skyline. And while some of the students are rich (like any school) there are people from all economic backgrounds.


There is no doubt our school is comprised of a ton of foreigners. So those stereotypes are accurate, but there are some good looking girls.


Not at all! Drexel is not all about engineering, although the program is fantastic. We have an outsatnding college of buisness, education, Law, and a medical school.


For the most part. The stereotypes about women in engineering are becoming less and less true. However there are more and more women who still prove that that is a real stereotype.


I would say the first one tends to be true in most cases. The second I would say is not true, although some are, most are not. The third is definitely true and for proof if you go on ABC channel's website for this region you can see a map of crime for the city and you will see Drexel's campus to be clear. (North Philly and West Philly had very similar crime reports for last year) I think physical attractiveness is up to each individual.


Not really. While many people dress sloppily, you can always find students dressed to impress on campus. Politically, it is easy to get students rallied for a particular event, such as when the Democratic candidates visited for a debate this past year. There were many Democrats at the event, indicating that students are not as conservative as the stereotype might state. Also, not all Drexel students are incredibly wealthy; however, some are. Many students are here with financial aid.




I think all of these stereotypes used to be true, and some are to an extent, but they are dwindling. For example, it is still mainly an engineering school, with 1% of the engineers that graduate every year in the U.S. coming from Drexel. However, its Business college (LeBow) has really developed into a strong and integral part of the school. The campus is on the small side and it used to be horribly ugly, but it is turning around. Drexel has poured $500 million into infrastructure changes and built almost a building every year in the last 5 or so years. In the next five years there are 10 new buildings/additions planned. There was a high male-to-female ratio, but the gap is closing and is expected to be 50-50 in the next 5-10 years. Some students are pessimistic, but that is because with no more summers off and having to immediately jump into the real world with co-op and having to find an off-campus apartment and pay utilities, etc., students have to mature quickly and some of them just aren't ready for it. If students don't make friends and find things to do or get involved with in Philadelphia or on campus, Drexel can be a very lonely place.


No, Drexel is unlike any school I know of because they put together a wide range of students...from top scholars all the way down to other individuals who may not make the best numbers but will have a promising future. And, as everyone knows, people always see the bad, not the good.




Well sort of, those two colleges are our largest colleges so there is a higher percentage of engineers and business students.