Drexel University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The co-op program at Drexel is incredible. They place you with strong jobs in your field and you work with that company for six months. Most students choose to complete three co-ops which is 18 months of work experience before graduating.




I don't talk with people that don't go to Drexel anymore.


The majority of students who graduate from Drexel are able to quickly find themselves jobs because of the experience they got during Co-op.


The fact that we have the opportunity to work full-time, as part of the program, to get hands on experience in the field we are planning on working in after graduation. After this opportunity, when we are back in our classes full-time, we are given the option to continue working part-time at the same institution.


Drexel University has a rigorous curriculum. Unlike most universities and colleges, Drexel gets their curriculum in ten weeks. Therefore, classes are much faster and students have to really be on top of their academics.


The rigourous course work and the Co-op program.


When I tell my friends about Drexel, I always end up bragging about the unique events that we are able to attend. This includes a variety of different offerings from free movie screenings/Q and A's with producers, directors, and actors to lectures and seminars led by creative industry professionals. As a student studying in the Television Production and Media Management program, I find these experiences to be exciting and entertaining as well as very valuable to my intended career field.


Drexel University provides students with hands on learning experiences that pertain to their majors, such as the Co-op career plan.


That I love the convienece on the online environment and that the clases all seem to be extremly relatable in my current job role now or to things that i have expereineced in the past.


I tend to brag most about Drexel's Saturday Scholars program, which allows working adults to go back to school on Saturdays and earn a degree.


The internship and job opportunities in the surrounding areas are immense.


It has given me the best benefit over the graduation competition. The co-op program ensures you will have a competitive edge by already having real-world job experience which other graduate students have a hard time finding. The quarter system is rigorous, but it helps keep you on your toes and the ability to organize your time and work with the fun you want makes you capable in the real world.


The food In the dining areas are off the hook such a "huge" variety of selection for everyone. The security presence is great. The campus is one of the best looking campuses I have ever seen.


I brag about the cooperative education program, and how I am able to work for up to 18 months out of the 5 years I spend here, as well as the study abroad opportunities.


Drexel is known for it's co-op program, which is where students work full-time for six months and then go to class for six months. Students can choose to do no co-ops, one co-op cycle, or three co-op cycles. This program is very beneficial to students because it gives them real-world experience, allows them to network in their field, and most of the co-ops are paid positions.


I am a television production major, and while I don't really brag, I enjoy telling people how hands-on my courses are. Most of my freshman friends in other colleges have been limited to core curriculum courses for their freshman and sophomore years. People who I know with the same major at different schools have yet to touch a camera. I was checking out sound and video equipment from the film and video supply room every week for class projects. My friends have been a little envious.


Whenever my friends ask me about Drexel, I always tell them about our rankings. I will usually say that Drexel is 86th in the nation; it is the "Best National Universities-Top Schools" according to U.S. News & World Report in its annual "America's Best Colleges". I will also tell people about our co-op program. A plethora of people often got jobs from fortune 500 companies, and they love it. Furthermore, I inform my friends in Maryland about our small lecture classrooms, and how are main campus is located in the heart of Philadelphia!!


The thing that I most brag about when I tell my friends about Drexel University is the education. The teachers at this school are very knowledgable in the field that they are teaching. They are also hands on with one on one attention toward the students. They make time for their students after class, through email, and even inviting the students to come to their office for the extra help. This is what I brag on about Drexel University.


The hard corse loads and the crudentials of the school.


State of the art technology, the professors are eager to help you and the campus life is excellent being in Philadelphia and the work internship program is outstanding.


The co-op opportunity is really an invaluable experience- well worth the extra year the programs take!


In my opinion, there isn't much to brag about. On campus housing is so expensive that most students are forced off campus after their second year and the surrounding neighborhoods are very dangerous around the university due to the fact that Drexel is in the heart of West Philadelphia. Also, there is relatively no school spirit. Not many people attend sporting events however partying is the school's most popular sport.


Philadelphia is a much greater city to live in than most think. I love it there, the busle of New York is overhyped and Philly has a more homey feeling than just tourists everywhere. Drexel U as a whole is great and they are making many strides to improve.


My school is nationally known and has a very competitive nursing program. I am proud to be a part of that, especially to complete the majority of my progam through the internet.


I will come out of school with experience and minimal loans to pay off thanks to the co-op program at Drexel.


The school's well known reputation and name.


The access to the equipment I need to do projects and all the places there are to study. I also like the fact that it is in a city so it is easy to get around, and all the things I need are in walking distance. The school is also making major renovations, so when the construction is done the campus is going to look amazing.


All the neat engineering projects, and the things I learn here that no other place could teach people due to the varied and highly qualified and specialized faculty and staff.


The opportunities and the ability to excel in the working field and in the classroom.


that i am attending Drexel.


The quality of the audio/visual equipment and labs available to the film and video department.


Drexel's co-op program is definitely what I brag regarding my school. This program is what brought me to Drexel and is a main reason why I am so happy with the university. My co-op experiences have been greater then I could have imagined. Getting full-time work experience while in college is providing me not only with an edge when I graduate, but it also helps to guide me in what I want to do the future. Through the valuable work experience I have gained, I can better determine where I want to go in the future.


The teachers are people who live/have lived most of their lives in the field they are teaching.


My internship experience which was part of my coursework/ study path at drexel.


I suppose I am proud of how hard I have to work.


Their good coop program and job placement.


My professor wrote an episode of "Roseanne", the animated movie, "Anastasia", and the movie, "Dunston Checks In". I also brag about the co-op program that Drexel offers.


I brag most about our internship (co-op) program. Even though my course of study will take an extra year to complete, I will graduate with a year and a half of full time work experience from as many as three different places. And being in a city, there are more than enough places to choose for work, regardless of what major you're in. If you don't want to work in Philadelphia, New York City and Washington D.C. are long but managable commutes. You can also complete your internship any where in the country or abroad.


it's diversity


That Drexel is very career focused. I dont think that I will have a problem recieving a job after graduation.