Drexel University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


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The tuition because I think for the amount I was paying I should have had better professors, equipment, and training.


The worst thing would have to be the overall cost. While the quality of education and options available are very high and I recommend everyone to at least consider Drexel, it does seem to place a burden on many students' financial states.


time go fast and not enough to study for a deep unstanding


I do not have anything negative to say about Drexel.


Aside from the ridiculous tuition bill, the worst thing would be the way the campus is set up.


The worst thing about Drexel is the cost.


This school had the best major in the world. With the combination of business and engineering this was really the perfect school for me. However, at the time of my school search I didn't see the price tag on this perfect major. So first and foremost I wish I payed more attention to the price tag. Furthermore, while the co-ops and the quarter system is great in some aspects, it makes the schedule a rush. A quarter is over before you know it, which means that you have to pay attention and study hard from day one.


Cost and lack of individual attention to students; treats students as money makers...


Drexel works on a quarterly schedule so we go to school year round. The quarters are ten weeks long so the program is full of information at an extremely fast pace. I am not able to retain the information as well as I would like to but the full-time work experience is more than worth it.


Nothing. Everything is excellent.


The cost of attendance relative to the amount of financial aid recieved by students at Drexel is relatively disproportionate. While Drexel is a reputable university it is also fairly new and does not have as big of an endowment as other schools. Because of this, the amount of aid recieved by students leaves much to be desired for and although it does the best that it can, some students are left with high, possibly unfeasible bills. What continues to draw students to Drexel, however, is its paid coop program as well as a myriad of specialized majors.


I know for a fact that Drexel University is an incredible institution that fully prepares their students for the future with the Co-Op program that which many other universities do not offer but I would have to say the worst thing about this university is again the extremely high cost of tuition. Yes, graduates get an incredible education and make many connections from their work experience but the incredibly high cost of tuition just sets the students up for an unbelievable amount of loans that they will be buried with after graduation.


Because of the cost, Drexel is inaccessable for many underprivilaged creative people. The ratio of interesting, productive students to rich kids looking for an easy degree in film is very low. The film and video department allows too many students to enter the program who are simply not ambitious or imaginative enough to make it in this field.


I think the school's use of money is the worst. It's clear to see that the university uses it to fund construction for more building on campus rather than fix problems that students have attempted to address in the past. Every year, financial aid packages get reduced while the cost of attendance increases. Despite the change to a quaterly billing system to make it more affordable for students, they decreased overall grants and also removed disbursements from the quarters when a student has their co-op cycle.


The worse thing about my school is the difficulty of the classes. This problem is due to the fast paced ten week terms that make it difficult to stay on top of every class on your schedule. Students can have sixteen to twenty credits which is hard when you have fifteen week schedules, so imagine having five less weeks. After getting adjusted to the schedule, you can be successful and enjoy your college experience. You just need to learn how to keep on top of studying and not let stress get to you. Take time to breathe and enjoy college.


The worst thing about Drexel University is also the best thing--the quarter system. As opposed to semesters like most universities, Drexel uses a quarterly system in which terms are ten weeks long. Despite being shorter, students take as many credits as they would at a semester college and learn as much information. However, the material is crammed into a shorter period of time. We're expected to do more work on our own, have midterms almost immediately, and overall work at an extremely fast pace. Although it seems rushed, I like these because it keeps me more focused overall.


The nursing school's "two fail and youre kicked out" rule is a little harsh


The money. It is incredibly expensive, and very difficult to get aid.


The worst thing about Drexel is the price versus the academic scholarships they give out. It does not balance. As most universites (I assume), Drexel is interested in making money. I can't speak for the individuals high up at the school, but based on my own and friends' experiences, I would say Drexel cares about the money as much or more than it does about its students. I will graduate with a good amount of debt.


On-campus and off-campus housing can be a little expensive. Drexel is already an expensive school, so living arrangements can be difficult if you're on a budget. The high price is definitely a turn off, but as someone who loves everything else about the school, I chose to look past it and do what needed to be done to attend Drexel.


The dining hall needs more variety and should be cleaner.


The worst thing about Drexel is Penn. Drexel is located right next to the University of Pennsylvania, and living in the shadow of an Ivy League school can be a downer at times. Drexel is an amazing school, we have one of the bust engineering programs in the country, one of the best business programs in North East, and one of the fastest growing art programs in the area. It really is a great school, but the shadow of Penn is always there to remind you you’re not in the Ivy League.


It is expensive


The food can sometimes be harsh and it is better to go out of the campus.


The cost is the worst part. The school is amazing just too expensive for the average person let alone a kid from the ghetto.


Drexel has a regular administration issue with students on the verge of graduation that tends to impact their financial aid. It slows up the process and can leave you scrambling to graduate on time, or stuck taking six years to complete a four year program.


The only thing that I dislike about my school is the expensive cost. Being a single mother of three is hard enough without trying to figure out how I'm going to pay my tuition bill each month. However, these are my circumstances and I've always wanted to attend Drexel so now that I'm finally accepted, I am not going to complain because God will make a way.


The term schedule. It makes school so much more stressful than others because you have to learn everything in only ten weeks. You have less time to bring grades back up if they fall for whatever reason.


The ten week terms. Drexel has a quarter system instead of semesters like most schools. This makes it harder because you only have 10 weeks to a term. This means you must learn all the information for a class in less time which can get tricky.


Drexel lacks unity, which may be due to a lot of reasons. Sport events aren't regularly attended, and we have no football team - making our homecoming affiliated with the basketball team that not a lot of students support. Also, because of the co-op program, students only take classes 6 months of the year, so each student is on a very different schedule.


It is very expensive and the breaks are different from all other universities.


The worst thing about Drexel is the walk between classes, but you have to do that at most schools, so. There not really isn't that much to not like.


The campus isnt the most beautiful and its not in a 100% safe area, but everyone is really nice and friendly and Philly has a lot to do. The lines in the dining center can get long too, but it's not too bad.


The worst part of Drexel would have to be the campus. There is constant construction and all of the architecture is very modern and consists of metal and glass. Personally, I lean more towards the style of the University of Pennsylvania, and I like the large, old, brick buildings. Also, slightly off-campus, where most of the off-campus housing is found, is a rather poor, sketchy area with buildings that are in need of repair and small convenience stores on every other corner.


The worst thing about the school is the tuition. It is extremely expensive, especially for the out of state students like me.


The tuition is expensive.


The worst thing about my school is the constant construction. This is due to the improvement of facilities and working environment for students and faculty alike.


The lack of commitment to work in classes.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of "green". We do not have any grassy fields and very few trees.


Being in a large city is a challenge, but it's also exciting because there are so many things do do and see.


There is not much to do in the area. Whenever I am free I walk around Philly but I don't find much to do not outside the campus. Usually you have to go far to go to a good place to hang out or find something fun to do.


The worst thing about Drexel University is the neighborhood surrounding it which is prone to crime. But to keep students safe, Drexel has increased their campus safety staff and has also introduced Drexel Police to carry weapons. I think as long as students think about their actions and practice caution, they can stay safe.




Tuition payments are high because it is a Private school. They supposedly give a lot of money to incoming students, however when I was accepted I didn't get any scholorships. And now since I'm already an "accepted" student I am not able to appeal my scholorship.


My shcool is SO EXTREMELY expensive! I am literally the definition of a "poor, broke, starving college kid." I do get some financial aid, but it could be better. The meal plan situation is not well thought out--and housing is very expensive. I have saved a lot by living off campus this semester.


The campus lacks unity. Half of the campus is constantly on co-op and therefore not in class or on campus. As a result there is little school spirit.


The Politics. Big school the faculty are the bosses we to do whatever they say or life will be hard on us.


The worst thing about the school is a lot of the students are local so they often go home on the weekends. It gets hard to find fun things to do when you are 21.


The worst thing about Drexel was the expense. The education I received there was well worth the money spent; however, the tuition and fees are pretty steep compared to many other schools in the area. I qualified for Federal Stafford loans to pay for part of the cost, but the rest was paid through private loans. Just knowing how much money I would owe following graduation provided me with the motivation to do well in my studies and find a job as quickly as possible.