Drexel University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is no campus feel, no football team, and there isn't much to do that the student body takes part in as a whole.


The worst thing about my school is that it is a complete construction site at the moment.


They make changes in the final year of school. There shouldn't be any changes in your last year that could affect you graduating.


Demanding if you want to stand out from the crowd


The school is more focused on job placement for the more "academic" programs, leaving students in more art-based fields to fend for themselves. I've also had some trouble with the financial aid and advising departments, which were resolved but not after a lot of work on my part.


The worst thing abut my school has to be the campus size and building diversity. It's not terrible once you get used to it (they do give you a beautiful view of the city), but being right down the street from the very uniform UPenn can really make you remember how ugly the campus truly is.


There appears to be a lack of "real" concern for students at the adminstrative level. This can be disconcerting for students dealing with financial aid, scheduling, academic advising, or other issues. While the school recognizes this problem and has been making a steady attempt to improve the quality of service and help it provides to students, there has been no significant improvements in this area. Students are often treated as a number instead of person, are oftentimes ran in circles, given insufficient help/support for pressing issues. Networking helps to amerliorate this issue but doesn't fully eradicate it.


The worst thing about the school is the amount of money you have to spend in order to obtain a degree. Each year's tution alone is around $24,000 and I am a five year student because of the 3 Co-op cycle; so that is $120,000 in just tution. That number doesn't include living expense, books, adminstrative and lab fees, rent money, and whatever else you might need. So if you want to come to Drexel University you have to motivated to learn or you could lose a bunch money.


The campus, being in the city, there aren't many secluded places to go.


What I consider as the worst thing about my school is the actual structure of the building. I attend The Nursing and Health Professions School of Drexel University and I really don't like how the building looks. Some rooms don't have windows and sometimes the escalators don't work. There are also no stairs for you to take if theelevators and escalators are packed.


It's a joke among students that Drexel "shafts" students out of our money, but it does seem like money is what they care about the most


it's really really expensive. the amount of money is ridiculous. drexel charges for everything!!!!


The fact that so little housing is given to upperclassmen. They are forced to move off campus.


I feel that the worst thing about the school is the amount we pay for the tuition. Drexel is about 60 thousand dollars for a year including housing and most other resources. I just dont see where the money is all going. I feel as if all the money we spend is just going to making our school look better rather then the things that should matter. Better food, more houses, or even sports. Everything that you buy is very overpriced and because you are always dissatisfied with all the prices, your school spirit ends up not being very high.


The tests are designed not to test what you've learned, but to make you fail.


school spirit


The worst thing about my school would be the cost of attendance. The tuition costs and other fees are quite a lot but I love the University, therefore, I keep telling myself it's worth it and it will be paid off eventually no matter how buried in loans I'll be. Overall Drexel is a great college based on academics and the co-op program.


Bad neighborhood just outside of campus. Ugly campus


Some classses needed for graduation are only offered once a year if that.


That it is so expensive, I do think it is worth it though. Because of the co-op oppertunity but my family and me have a difficult time working out payments. It is very stressful.


The lack of diversity is key. Without people one can connect to, school may seem a bit our of place, once you find that key though, it will all come together.


The worst thing about Drexel University would have to be the way they play up the co-op program to incoming freshman in every major. For some majors like business or engineering it is a wonderful program, however for psychology it is a waste of time and gets many students hopes up.


It is too expenive.


I would say the worst thing about my school would be its reputation to most of the world of academia. For the past several years Drexel Universitys rank has rose. The U.S. News & World Report in its annual "America's Best Colleges". The 2008 rankings placed Drexel 108th out of 4500 college's and universities in America. Not bad if you ask me. The ranking is trully amazing but I personal feel that the value of the drexel education is undervalued by the ranking, and I truly belive Drexel is on par with Penn State and UPenn.