Drexel University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Drexel University has a very prominent engineering program. One-fifth of all students earning a bachelor's degree are majoring in one of the engineer disciplines. As a result, the stereotypical student at Drexel would be the "engineering major." This type of student is very focused in school. They are determined to earn very high marks, and are not worried about their social life. They came to school to earn their degree, and use it to propel them to a very successful career. He or she often stays up late and even miss sleep entirely to achieve his or her goals. Although this may be the stereotype, and I myself may fall into this stereotype a bit, it's certainly not true for all students. Not all engineering majors are this type of student, and there are plenty of students not majoring in engineering at Drexel.


We are all Indian and very nerdy.


That we're all engineers. Or like engineering. Or at least started out as engineers.


The campus sucks and the students hate it here.


They are all Indians


that it is mostly nerds and asians


Drexel students are nerdy. DU engineers are not your typical engineers, that is to say, they do a lot of non-science "stuff" outside their engineering curricula. The engineers here also tend to be very approachable and non-arrogant. Drexel students are masters of working under pressure and often missing out on weekend activities to work on school related materials.


Drexel students are sometimes seen as the students that "couldn't" make it into Ivy League schools. Sometimes people also consider us the "nerds" of the college world.


- Partiers - Business students do less work than Engineering students


Some stereotypes about Drexel are that it has an ugly campus and that most of the kids that go here are rich and snobby.


Nerds, Ugly girls, Indians, Europeans, foreigners, bad faculty


That we are all Engineers, and we have no people skills.


We're not as rich as UPenn students. If you are female you probably are in the College of Media Arts and Design. If you are an unkempt, ugly female you are most likely an engineer.


The engineering students are typically stereotyped as hardworking and they tend to look down on the Arts & Media students. However, the Arts & Media students tend to look down on the engineering students and are known for being slightly obnoxious with complaining about their workload. Before attending I heard that the Arts & Media students were very "scene." I've always heard that Drexel security is way better than Temple's. I've also heard from both sexes that there were no attractive members of the opposite sex.


They're messy, apathetic. They are politically conservative. They are very wealthy.


Drexel is not up to par with other colleges. They let everyone in their honors program. It's a party school. Bad neighborhood.


Stereotypes about Drexel are that it is mainly an engineering school and that it has a small and ugly campus. Stereotypes about Drexel students include that there is a high male-to-female ratio and that students are very pessimistic.


Dumb, Rich


i dont think there are any


That we are all either engineers or business students.