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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Being near the University of Pennsylvania (an elite school) and Temple University (a school known for their crimes), Drexel is like the kid brother (or sister). UPenn sees us as a terrible second-class school, but nowhere near the awful status that Temple has. Although we may not be seen as intelligent as Penn students, we are usually more laid-back and nice, but still just as studious. I don't know many people that didn't receive a good GPA.


none that I know of


Drexel students are oftentimes stereotyped as nerdy, hard-working engineers. For the most part, I agree with the nerdy and hard-working portion of that assumption, especially considering how fast-paced Drexel is. While it is true that we have many engineers, there are lots of other types of students here too. Most of my friends are a mixture of artistic, liberal arts, hard science, and engineering majors. It's a really interesting blend of people that cannot be shoved into a stereotype. In my opinion, I have found most people here to be down-to-earth, perhaps a bit nerdy, and overall, quite kind.




Engineers, Party kids, Nonathletic, Urban, Busy, Career oriented, Ambitious


That the enineering students are too cool for school. I don't see that sterotype as being true, I think their I'n a world of their own.Lol


Engineering Nerds. Lots of international students


That we are only an engineering school that always has construction on campus. The construction thing is right for now since Drexel is trying to make a better campus. But Drexel isn't just an engineering school we also have good theatre, music, film and business programs.


The stereotype of most Drexel students is the Engineer that is too cool for school. I admit this stereotype because when I was looking to attend Drexel that is what I picked up on from almost every person I met. Drexel students do have an upper hand in their education and job opportunities and after a few years here I believe this mentality rubs off on the entire Drexel population. I say the Engineer because many people still view Drexel as an Engineering school, but in reality that is not the case. There are people here that have majors I have never even heard of, or that to me, don't even really exist. Everyone at Drexel thinks they are too cool for school, but in reality that is a mask for how miserable to students are after week 8 each term.


The frat boys on campus are terrible. If you aren't a 'bro', don't like to get drunk or listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers or wear American Eagle, forget it. You will be hassled walking by frat house row. You'll see a million girls walking around in skin tight black yoga pants, black North Face jacket, and Uggz boots. These girls generally don't do anything during the day. They'll skip class and watch Netflix and wait for night. At night they'll go out, drink excessively, and hope some inebriated guy will take them home. You'll find that almost every smokes weed - even the public safety officers around campus. It can be disappointing or exciting, depending on how you feel about the drug. Dub Step music has become a huge craze over the last two years and there are tons of dubstep kids. None of them really look a certain way. They all dress different, but they always look really corny, so you can usually pick them out. The hipster culture is super prevalent throughout the whole city - skinny jeans, retro shirt, fixed gear bike, rat tail haircut, square framed glasses. You'll find them in Northern Liberties, far-West Philly, and South Philly. Drexel has a few real hipsters, but a ton of fake hipsters. These are the kids who saw the hipsters riding bikes or hanging out and wanted to emulate their style. U Arts offers a way bigger artsy-hipster culture than Drexel does. Drexel is primarily an engineering school, but it actually has a heavy business orientation in all majors. I was a business major, so I enjoyed it. But I've heard from many music and graphic design students that it hindered their creativity. You might not get to personally grow to your full potential, but at least you'll make a lot of money when you're done college.


I would say that most people think Drexel is full of foreign students who only study some form of engineering. Also, that we are all extremely unhappy and too nerdy to have a social life. This stereotype is so inaccurate! While Drexel does have a diverse student body and an excellent engineering program, we also have a lot more to offer. It is full of athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs and has a lot of great majors to offer besides engineering.


I would say that most people think Drexel is full of foreign students who only study some form of engineering. Also, that we are all extremely unhappy and too nerdy to have a social life.


Drexel University has a very prominent engineering program, and thus a lot of studnents attending Drexel are majoring in an Engineering discipline. Thus, the typical student at Drexel is the Engineering major. He or she works very hard, studies all night, and will not be satisfied with anything less than the "A" grade. I prbably fit into this stereotype a bit. However, Drexel University, has a very large selection of majors. Beyond Engineering, there is Business, History, Anthropology, Communication, Dance, Graphic Design, English, Nursing, and Teacher Education, just to name a few. All of the various majors at Drexel result in a very diverse student body that coexists and mixes together to create an exciting and energetic campus. Even the engineering majors get in on the fun!


Since most of Drexel students are engineers, they are a nerd! However, they have their nerd side as well as fun side..


Drexel is known for several things: engineers, lack of breaks, 5 year program, and awkward. Even within the school the stereotypes of the school consisting of socially awkward business and engineering students persists. Yes our ratio of male to female students is approximately 6 to 4 perspectively, yet female students often despair of the lack of suitable suitors. I'd like to set the record straight with this stereotype. Yes, Drexel was originally an engineering school so there is a large amount of engineers. However, this vastly underrates the other amazing programs that Drexel offers. Drexel has grown greatly in the past several decade to now include some of the top business, psychology and other programs. We also have a newly accredited law school along with first hand experience through coop for all majors. In addition, the stereotype that pertains particularly to the engineers here is no more accurate at Drexel than it would be at any other school. I have numerous friends in the program and not one of them are socially incapable or anything else that is generally attributed to persons within the major.


Many times when people think about Drexel University, they tend to think of engineering students. This is no longer the case because we have a wide variety of colleges and majors. Since we are on the 10 week quarter system, the students at Drexel are very hardworking. Also, many students are go-getters because the co-op program is very competitive.


There is no stereotype at Drexel. We have a huge athletics base (clubs, intramurals, and varsity... although no football team!) along with active greek life and tons of academic based clubs.