Drexel University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I am attending the accereralted nursing program at Drexel University. The type of person who should attend this school is someone with a strong interest in becoming a nurse. In addition, the person should be hardworking and dedicated. This is a ver intense program that will take up a lot of your time, leaving little time for a social life.


Drexel is not for someone that wants to go to college and party but instead wants to focus on a bright future.


An ideal Drexel student is someone who has strong work ethic and is willing to go above and beyond to succeed. Someone who expects to cheat their way through college, party their way through, or expect it to be a breeze, will not survive at Drexel. You will not be able to handle the course work if you do not stay on top of it and attend all classes.


Keep up on time management, it is one of the most important things at Drexel. Consider your schooling like a nine to five job and do nothing but study and learn in that time frame. If you are not committed to your school work you will fall behind very fast and it will require a lot of work to get back to where you should have been.


A person that is looking to party all the time, someone who isn't driven academically since we operate in quarter systems, and someone who has absolutely no idea what they would like to major in.


Slow learner, someone who has difficulty in very fast paced learning environments or independent study.


A person who isn't serious about school should not attend Drexel. One reason being that there are students willing to work and take their studies serious and because your paying for school. It doesn't matter if your parents pay or you took a loan or whether you received a scholarship or grant, Drexel is a great experience and academics is extremely important.


Someone who doesn't have any intention of focusing to reach a goal by the end of the post-secondary school career.


A person who is not dedicated, cannot multask, and does not like helping people should not attend this school.


A person who doesn't want to have time management and wants to be able to slack off. The quarter system is quick. You only have 10 weeks per quarter. In short you will have a major test or project almost every week. Your breaks are small.


If you aren't a go-getter or into city life, you shouldn't attend this school. Drexel makes up its own community within Philadelphia, but there is so much surrounding the campus that should be explored. If you can't appreciate what a city can offer, don't go here. And doing the bare minimum at Drexel isn't enough. You need to be a proactive student is focused on your future and using all your available resources.


If you are unable to strike a balence between bieng open-minded and strong-willed, should not attend drexel. Drexel is a school that contains students from many places around the country and across the globe. This diversity in student origins leads to a diversity in values and schools of thought. Most of the students are highly accepting of the ideas of others so you must be open minded. However, if you are not confident in your own beliefs, you can very easily lose sight of lose sight of the values that got you here in the first place.


A person that wants their college campus to be very organized and aesthetically pleasing shouldn't attend this school. The campus is placed near the heart of downtown Philadelphia therefore there is not much room to have that typical campus you would get at a campus such as Arizona State University. The university does not have a traditional campus feel.


Someone that enjoys city life and is open to trying new things would be a good fit for Drexel University. This person should also enjoy a fast paced curriculum that is exciting and challenging.


The type of person who shouldn't attend Drexel is someone who doesn't like the city, it's as simple as that. Every person I know who either dropped out, transferred, or failed out was affected by the city. They either couldn't handle the hustle and bustle, or they fell into activities that were not conducive to a good education. The city is a great environment because it provides you with plenty of opportunities for social events and activities, but for all the good there is the bad.


Any person who lacks motivation, discipline and intelligence should not attend Drexel University. Drexel University's 10 week quarter system requires students to prioritize assignments and manage time efficiently so any student that procrastinates will most likely not succeed here. Any student that does not want to gain work experience in a field related to his or her major should not attend Drexel.


Drexel is not the school for someone who needs thier hand held through their education. It is a large school; if you are having a problem you need to solve it or find someone who can. It is also not the school for someone who is not prepared to work hard. Drexel students have a lot of fun but the 10-week quarters and Co-op cycles are rigorous. I wouldn't recommend Drexel to someone who doesn't like the city. It is located in West Philadelphia. It isn't dangerous but it isn't rural Kansas either.


Drexel is known for its ten week quarters so the tempo is fairly rapid. A lazy student would struggle to keep up with the workload and therefore would fall behind instantly. A student that has a hard time understanding concepts or can't grasp information that is fed to them will also fall through the pressure. Lastly, a student who is really undecided at this point in their life should make a quick decision if they plan on staying because freshman year starts to shape up their college careers behind the crowd.


Someone who is very academics oriented. Drexel may not have a football team or the best dorms but Drexel has some of the top programs out there. But be ready to work hard because they want to make you the best.


Those individuals that do not wish to take an active role in their career development should not attend Drexel University. Drexel's Co-op program allows students to gather experience about their intended field of work and provides a great way to build connections with future employer's. The majority of students attending Drexel University do so because the quality of this Co-op program and it would be a shame if students did not take advantage of one of Drexel's greatest assets.


Drexel University is dividided into specific schools within the University: engineering school, college of media arts and design, culinary school, etcetera. The terms are also divided into trimesters. For the sake of making a productive transition with ease into furthering education, be certain of your interests. To have a focus is your best bet because the program moves quickly and the terms do the same. I't's my second term here and students dropped out or transfered because of the fast-paced academics/socialization within the city of Philadelphia and the zone of University City.


Drexel is a school that is for all types of people. Diversity is why I like attending Drexel.


If you don't believe in hard work, perseverance, and the inportance of co-operation then you do not belong at Drexel.


Any student who isn't willing to pay a large amount of money should not apply to Drexel. However, it's a fantastic school. One gets quality for the money.


You shouldn't attend this school if you don't like living in a city, it's in the heart of bustling Philadelphia. Drexel is also a school with a great reputation but it lives up to it, you have to be serious about your studies and want to succeed. It may be tempting to party, with all the amazing locals around but to succeed here, you have to take your education seriously..


If you don't like city life, I don't think you will like it here.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Drexel University is a student who isn't sure if they want to attend college. I say this because first of all Drexel isn't a inexpensive school, so you'll be wasting you and/or or parents money. Secondly, because you'll be wasting the other students and teachers time because of how valuable education is toward ones future, so the teachers would be wasting their knowledge on someone who doesn't want it. So if you are unsure, don't waste time or money.


lazy, stupid


Drexel is primarially an Engineering school. It is has many other renown programs of study. It is one of two schools on the east coast that offfers a Co-Op program. It provides Drexel students with an opportunity to work in a professional enviroment and gain executive level experience while working towards an undergraduate degree.


You have to be very self-directed to go to Drexel. It's very fast paced, being only 10 weeks in a term and the work can pile up quick if you don't stay on top of it responsibly.


Someone who bows to pressure easily and can't handle a heavy workload. Drexel moves at a fast pace during its 10-week terms, and it can be difficult to stay on top while trying to enjoy the life of a college student. Someone who doesn't like a city environment would also not like Drexel because they are right in the middle of University City.


Most people would fit in here, our school is extremely diverse.


Anyone who is extremely focused and goal oriented. Drexel University is a great school if you can handle the fast-paced setting for your whole college experience. Most of the programs are year-round as well, so if you want breaks from school... this isn't the place for you.


People who cannot properly balance their social life and academic lives, or who are slower to learn should probably not attend this school. If you concentrate too much on your social life, then you get behind on the academics and it's really hard to catch up sometimes. Since our school goes by a quarter system, we learn at a quicker pace than normal two-semester universities.


Drexel University is known for its Co-op Program. It is very career-oriented. If students choose the Co-op program they can have either a one 6-month co-op or three 6-month co-ops, which adds real-world experience to their resumes, an advantage over other graduates from other schools. Drexel's quarter system (10 weeks) is very fast, so students must keep up with their classes. Drexel is great for students that are or want to be career-oriented and like to be in a fast-paced environment.


A person who doesn't have very good time management skills.


One who is not looking towards their career come graduation and would just like to go to school for the reason of not going into the so called real world. A person who doesn't see themselves as doing their work on time and just trying to squeeze by.


Anyone scared of big cities or not willing to be serious about thier future. Drexel offers great career development. It's a great school for business majors and engineering majors, so people outside these majors probably should attend elsewhere as Drexel is recognized as a leader in this fields.


Adult learners who have personal responsibilities would have a hard time since the school is not very flexible with scheduling.


Drexel is not for people who are undecided about their major. It is a fast paced experience and Drexel makes it difficult to switch between majors. Also, it is not for people who are procrastinators or irresponsible.


Those who can't cope with busy city-setting.


Artsy people, your degree will not mean as much coming from a largly engineering based school. People who can't handle the work load. People who don't like the city.


Drexel is located in city, if you do not like the city, or are not independent enough to get yourself around, this is not the school for you.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who does not want to be academically challenged. A person go to this school if they do not want to encounter new experiences and meet a lot of new people. I you do not like the city and an urban enviornment then that person should not go to this school. Someone who does not want to experience an adventure should not attend Drexel University.


Someone who wants to go to a party school or slack off.


A person should not attend this school if they expect it to look Ivy League or like schools they see in the movies. We are a city school and look like a city. People who are not self motivated should not attend Drexel. The professors expect a lot from everyone, even freshman. They are often willing to help you understand the material, but they are not willing to give you reminders about due dates or pressure you to complete your work.


A socially reserved person. In order to have a social life one must put themselves out there. After freshman year there really isn't a great way to meet new people so if someone isolates themself during that time their hopes to have a social network is slim.