Drexel University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The work load at Drexel is pretty difficult to handle. Each term only stretches about 11 weeks, which is not much time for a full course. It's common to see you're first midterms on the fourth week, which flies by really fast. During the next you might have a lot of projects or papers due after the same weekend. If you take a co-op, you don't have a summer break during your sophomore and junior years either. Most say the co-op is worth it, but giving up your summers isn't easy.


We are very drawn into attracting people to the school, and then nickel and diming students once they are here. The library sucks, the tuition price is way too high, and there should be more offered to students for what we are paying here.


Drexel's most frustrating feature is the high cost of tuition, it is very difficult to justify Drexel's pricetag.


The cost is the most fustrating thing. I love the school, I love everything it has to offer, but being in debt the rest of my life is not ideal.


Quite simply, its the price and trying to deal the expenses presented each term whether its textbooks or online software. At the tuition at Drexel at about $66,000 which is roughly my family's income a year, I am finding it challenging to pay for school, especially since Drexel does not meet 100% of the financial needs of students.


I would say the most frustrating thing about my school is the underlying feeling of fitting in. My school has a lot of students with very well-off parents, meaning they seem to have a never-ending allowance; which is difficult for someone like me because I need to decide between having a social life (buying alcohol, taking taxis, going out to eat) and saving money (buying/cooking my own food, walking everywhere, not going out) to pay off student loans.


The most frustrating thing I've noticed so far about Drexel University is the small, old fashioned library. A school this well known for their high calibur education should have, in my opinion, a state of the art library with plenty of room for students to study in and also plenty of resources (computers, laptops, etc.) available.


The most frustrating thing about Drexel University is the cost of tuition, many people have to turn down their dreams of going to this university because it is simply too expensive. I can relate to this 100%. After competing my freshman year here I was forced to transfer because it was just too expensive. After starting a new year at my new school I quickly realized how much Drexel University meant to me and that is why my goal is to get back to this school as soon as possible at an affordable cost.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how they do not propely prepare you for the transition into college. They do not tell you what classes you need and don't need. This causes some students to find out after they have struggled with a class that it was not neccessary. The other problem students face is not being prepared for a class and ultimately having to drop it due to a bad grade. The result is, unless you drop within two weeks of beginning class, having to withdraw. This looks bad on your record and can be avoided.


The most frustrating thing students would agree on is that we do not have summer break. Due to the aforementioned quarter system, classes run in the summer. Despite not being able to have an enjoyable summer vacation or using that time to find an internship, Drexel has paid internships built into their schedule, so that if you are in a 5 year program, you have three 6 month internships or if you are in a 4 year program, you have one 6 month internship. So despite not having those summers off, you graduate ultimately with an advantage.


My personal experience at Drexel has only just started, so I don't really know yet! I registered late, which made things a little bit more complicated, but so far everyone has been very helpful and the process of getting matriculated into the school has been much easier than I expected.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that as of right now there is only one cafeteria and the quality of food is not that good. I think they are in the process of building a new cafeteria which will help tremendously.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the two-year on-campus residency requirement. Unless given an exemption, students are required to live on campus for their first two years, which can rack up a large amount of debt a student will have coming out of the university. Although it is well-intentioned, it can really be a financial burden.


Drexel Administration is very confusing and changes things to benefit themselves and make life more difficult for the students. The students have a strong bond because of this, but it makes us resent our school and the people who run in.


The most frustrating thing about Drexel University is the lack of support from professors.


I always worry that the financial burden on my parents will become to much and I will not be able to continue my education at this amazing university.


The most frustrating thing about Drexel is the cost of tuition. It's expensive and although they do provide financial aid, extra scholarship searches are necessary to make the cost even a little reasonable.


Most frustrating thing at this school is the lack of diversity. Every race here clump together as a separate groups and its rare you see interracial social interaction. You might have a chance of making friends if you lived on campus, but if you're living off campus, then you'll have an excrutiating hard time trying to interact with others, especially your freshman year.


The most frustating thing about this school is the 10 week quarters. Professors tend to cram as much information has possible in the students brain without making sure all the material is completely understood.




The terms are only ten weeks.


I believe the most frustrating thing to myself and other peers at this school is the expense of housing. It's incredibly pricey per term, but many students are almost forced to pay or get loans for housing because off-campus housing is more dangerous, a further distance, and while it's only a fraction of school housing, transportation may become an expense/inconvenience.


Planning for future housing when involved in a co-op. It is difficult to decide where to live and how to plan out if I want to live in a dorm or in an apartment.


The tuition is extremely high.


Calling the school for administrative reasons.


Sometimes the classes I need to take are only offered times that are inconvenient for me. A Powerpoint should not include practically the entire text book, and be read from word for word (one professor I had did this). Assigning students a chapter of the text to teach the class is a waste of my time and money. I really enjoyed my undergrad experience. The main issue was financial aid. The paperwork was so difficult, and it was very hard to get assistance in the Financial Aid department.


The books at the bookstore can sometimes be overpriced, and it is usually easier to buy them offline cheaper.


I have no complaints as of yet.


The administration system in the shool is very unresponsive to student's needs. Many of the students get stuck in the beggining of the semester on the financial hold which prevents them from registering for required cources, which in turn delays their graduation date.


Guidance from fiancial aid is a challenge because the billing process is extremely confusing. Also, sometimes it is difficult speaking to an advisor in order to schedule classes. Unless you are taking the standard classes for a standard major, it is challenging to create unique cirriculums.


Administration can be unorganized at times. Getting registered for classes is also an unneeded problem at times too.


The apperance of our campus, which is being improved, as well as the financial aid office. They are always seeming to miss something or create more frustration for students.


Academic advisors are often un-friendly or un-helpful. When there is a problem with financial aid, status, major etc. it takes FOREVER for someone to fix the problem.


Parking is very frustrating. Philadelphia is very crowded and parking meters are enforced heavily. The area around Drexel isn't very safe, as crime in all of Philladelphia is very high.


The administrative offices; they always give students the run around and the structure of the offices is not published anywhere, it is hard to know who to talk to about what issue.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that for the money we pay, some of the professors are not worth the bill. Along with some of the problems students run into with the school internet system.


Trimester system. Each term is only 10 weeks long. Not enough time to learn course materials.


Drexel is constantly undergoing construction, which is noisy and hard to travel through. Also, the red tape is unbelieveable--there's even a legend about the "Drexel Shaft" that students experience running from office to office to get things accomplished.


lack of comunication between depantments professors and adminastration


Lack of a varsity football team.


The bureaucratic nature of the institution itself steps on the toes of the individual departments.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the tuition is so high for the quality of the school. I understand that they're building a lot of improvements, but they haven't made enough effort to lower the considerably high drop rate (for reasons due to academic quality and fiinancial reasons).


credits are difficult to transfer.


The ratio of guys to girls is pretty bad, many more guys than girls but it has been getting better in the last couple of years.


The fact that the students do not have as much school spirit as others schools.


Not enough asians.


The most frustrating thing about Drexel is that the amount of financial aid they give is very diverse amoung students in very similiar situations. In my opinion, they are very frugale about giving out money.