Drexel University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The co-op program at Drexel allows you to work at a job in your feild of study for 6 months. The experience is great for hands-on learning and networking. The best part is that most of the jobs are paid AND full-time! Most people end up making about $15/hr, which adds up quickly. Some people even get post-graduation job offers from the company they worked for.


The job oppurtunities found during the Co-Op program.


I believe that the Co-op program is Drexel's best feature. It allows students to get well needed job experience before going out into the "real world."


Drexel University gives you have access to their huge network of people that can help you succeed and potential employers. Firms contantly send representative to Drexel to recruit students. In addition to that, they also have a fantastic co-op program that allows you to gain 6-18 months of working experience before you even graduate. As the competition in the job market increases, employers are caring less about where you got your degree and more so if you have any experience. Drexel also has a solid academic program to pair with your co-op.


This school had the best major I ever wished for. With the combination of business and engineering this was really the perfect school for me. However, at the time of my school search I did not see the price tag on this perfect major. So first and foremost I wish I payed more attention to the price tag. Furthermore, while the the co-ops and the quarter system is great in some aspects, It makes the schedule a rush. A quarter is over before you know it, which means that you have to study hard from day one.


The amount of professional experieence gained through the coop program.


The best thing about Drexel is the coop opportunities. This allows students to have three unique internship experiences built into the curriculum. Many students are able to easily get jobs after graduation and feel well prepared in their field.


I consider the best thing at Drexel to be the coop program. The coop program is paid employment in major-related positions consistent with your interests and abilities; only a small percentage of students accept nonpaid co-ops. I think this is the best thing because you get to see what it's like to work in different positions within in your major before you graduate. You get the best of both worlds -an education as well as experience in that field.


Coop because it prepares you for the work world


The best thing about Drexel is that it is not for the weak. We have four 10-week academic quarters per year. On a typical Co-op based schedule, two of the quarters are spent in classes, and the other two are spent in a usually paid internship-like Co-op experience with a real and relevant company. More importantly, though, no one has to worry about not fitting in here.


I think that the STAR research summer program offered after freshmen year is definitely a huge plus abu Drexel. It offers the opportunity to gain valuable research experience ane experience working under a faculty member before sophomore year.


The best thing about Drexel is that it prepares you to graduate with a career already lined up. The co-op system allows you to decide what you do and do not like to do, so that the job you take out of high school is one you are excited about.


My school is full of a variety of networks. These connections will assist in my cooperative job and career searches.


The best thing about Drexel is that the Media Arts building, also known as the URBN center, is open 24/7. So, if you have to work well into the night and early morning you can stay there and nap on the couches in between. Also, all of the art design programs, such as Zbrush and Maya are preinstalled on all of the computers in URBN. I also like how I can take some classes at night rather than very early in the day.


Many courses were offered 100% on-line. This provides students who are working full-time or have other commitments to complete their degree without travelling to campus.


The best aspect I consider to be the best at Drexel University is the coop program. With the coop program, students are able to gain up to three full time or part time work experiences in the real world. This helps to prepare students for life after college.


Drexel has a co-op program which allows students to do up to three six-month internships at companies in our respective industries. This has been a great opportunity to network outside of school and get a taste of what our careers will be like.


The best thing about this school is certainly the co-op program. It's great having so much experience compared to others once we graduate. It also allows you to have money while you're young.


The best thing about Drexel would have to be the working environment. This school is extremely fast pace and challenging. Once school starts, you hit the ground running. This has taught me to become more active in my work and to better my time management. There are Many others who work just as hard if not harder and are always willing to help you in times of need.


I really like all the spots on campus where you can just sit relax and study. I love the gym a good workout is always good . I love just meeting people and college is such a good place for that.


I love being able to walk the streets of Philadelphia. There is always something going on. I also like that if there is a problem somewhere in the city I get a notification on my phone.




Being so close to the city - you have opportunities to explore and learn things you wouldn't on any other campus. The Drexel Shuttle goes into the city every 15 minutes from campus and drops you off at 15th and Race (2 blocks north of city hall).


the co-op program. I hope that it will allow me to get job experience that will help me in my future career.


Drexel has a cooperative education program above all others with 98% placement.


The co-op program allows you to work and make money while you go to the school.


The best thing i sthe ease of getting internships. They are built into the curriculum and nearly everyone at Drexel does at least one. Students must take a class that teaches how to interview and write a resume. They also have a database where you can apply for internships/ They really make it easy to find one.


Drexel University had a great cooperative internship program that provided nearly all students with excellent outside work experience for three six months stints throughout the course of their 5 year education. I believe that this helps students gain knowledge and work experience to make them more succeptible to being hired post-graduation.


The cooperative education program


The sense of community within each individual college is the best thing about my school. My college keeps us updated on what is happening within the institution and informs us of any events in the area, and the administrators are always available to help a student through anything, be it financial aid, scheduling conflicts, or student life in general.


The best thing about my school is the co-op program. The co-op program allows students to gain real work experiance in 6 month paid internships. The companies that one can apply to are amoung the leaders in their fields.


They really focus on learning through experience, which I like because theories are very ideal, but don't necessarily prepare you for real-life situations. The school wants you to get ready to go out into the workforce and experience what it's like to apply what we learn in school into our careers.


The city and the co-op program make Drexel stand out.


the criminal justice program and atheletics. they allow me to attain my goals.


Once I reached the upperclassmen curriculum, I really enjoyed it. I felt that it was interesting and cutting edge, compared to the boring courses that all engineering majors take, such as thermodynamics and calculus. My biomaterials class had us grow cells on different biomaterials to see which material provided the best cell substrate! Talk about the opportunity to experience first-hand what you are learning about in the classroom. I felt like there was a lot of practical hands-on learning that took place at Drexel; lab exercises, independent research and top of the line technologies.


My school has a Coop/Internship program, where for 6 months of their junior year the student just goes on an internship (no classes) in their major's field. This is great for students because of not having classes, students are able to go to other places like LA, NY, or even out of the country to do their internship. Also with having the internship before senior year the student can see what they need to fix to be able to get into that career successfully.


The residence halls because they continuously engauged the students academically and socially to be better students.


Drexel is very diverse with its student body. There are many, many clubs and groups you can join. The professors are well known in their field and the research facilities are top-notch. The cooperative education program secures almost all students with jobs with jobs related to their field of study. The placement rate of post-graduation jobs is very very high! The univeristy is making a lot of improvements to make the campus better and offer more and more. The city setting is prime location for culture and socializing.


I consider the best thing about my school is the job opportunities. With having co-op and being able to work each year and learn your trade while going to school you are able to get the hands on experience of what you have chosen to do for the rest of your life. It is a great opportunity for each student to get the chance to work and learn about what they are going to school for before graduating.


The best part about Drexel, and the reason I chose to attend, is for their Co-operatiev program. The internship program allows the students to et real world experience in the work force, and make connections for future jobs upon graduation.


Located in the heart of Philadelphia, the cultural diversity of the students and faculty at my school was incredible. However, no matter how culturally different, we each had a common interest in getting the most out of our education and enjoying our time at Drexel University. An appreciation and respect for different cultures was incorporated into the curriculum. Students were taught about the most common practices of many of the local cultural groups and useful information about how to interact with different groups without offending or unknowingly conveying disrespect. As a professional, ignorance is definitely not bliss.


The city environment and emphasis on finding a real career


The amount of different activities that one can be involved are endless. From religious groups, to cultural organizations, this college has many activities to make one feel at home. There is also a very diverse bunch of different sororities adn fraternities that one can be interested in.


Coming to a school from 3,000 miles away where I knew absolutely no one, Drexel is the type of school where if you are not on top of you studies, you can fail out very easily. On the reverse side, if you are on top of everything and you know what you want to do in life, it is a great school to attend. This is why it works so well for me because I am very organized and I have known what I have wanted to do with my life since I was in elementary school.


The atmosphere and the city is the best part about the school. Being in the city makes it easy to find a job and many different things are easily accessible. The public transportation helps a lot to bring you to your destination.


The best thing about Drexel Univesity is their Co-op program they offer to all students. It lets the students try out up to three different jobs over the course of six months a piece. The students get a hands on apporach at the jobs they are looking to have a career in. This is a great guideline for picking out the right job for the student.


NOt very many great things


I think the classes they offer are very diverse and interesting. You have a lot of oppurtunity to explore new subjects.




If you are in a technical field, the research facilities and overall education is excellent.