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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


start planning for your major and college atleast 2 year ahead of time before attending college. Decide definately about your major and college atleast 1 year ahead. stay focuced.


The advice I would give parents and students is to find a school in a comfortable setting, close enough to home that you can go there as much as you need but far enough away to make your own life. Once a school is selected make sure it has at least 3 programs you can see yourself potentally working in. The average undergraduate changed their major numerous times, so make sure if this happens to you that you can stay in the same school.


Check out the area during the day and night, so you can judge security, nightlife, as well as sports facilities or whatever hobbies you take part in. Knowing whether or not you can go do the things you enjoy is a big factor.


My advice would be to talk to actual students. Colleges put on a good show when you're there during orientation and talking with financial/admissions employees, however, a lot of what they show or tell, isnt really true. Colleges not only out there to provide a good education, but to also make money. While talking with actual students, ask direct questions, and take their answers to heart because they are experiencing the school first hand.


The best thing to do when trying to find the right college is to start the search early and plan ahead. When deciding for a college, look into the future, not just the present. Consider the cost of attendance, environmental setting, size, diversity, majors offered, etc for the pressent moment as well as four or five years from now. Just because you want to become a doctor now, doesn't mean you'll never change your mind; therefore choose a school that offers a variety of choices in majors. Same goes for cost of attendance. Colleges become expensive year after year so think in the long run when trying to finance your education. The key to making most out of your college experience is to have good time management. Make schedules and learn to balance both studying and a social life. If you keep a planner or schedule and learn to stick by it, you'll have enough time to do well in school and enjoy your social life. Never study too much, which will only lead to stress, but never party too much either, for it will cause you to be backed up in school. Balance both!


Parents start planning for your future now by searching for accredited colleges and universities and requesting information for your child , be sure to look for universities that your financally sound for you. For students you should begin planning your future by searching for the best colleges that fit who you are and what you're looking for. Be sure to visit your choice colleges/universities and decide if the surrounding commuinty is in your comfort zone. Parents and students be aware that College rank plays a significant role in your potential post graduation salary. Once again students while in university networking and internships will help you well beyond your college years and provide you great experince and relationships that will put you at a great footing when you enter the job market.