Drury University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Liberal Arts and a good environment.


I'm not really sure what my school is best known for. Then again, coming from a high school literally across the street is kind of like growing up next door to Brad Pitt. You know that there might be something happening, but you aren't really sure what, and when you find out it's a little surprising but not a really big deal to you, because you grew up next to him and he'll always be the kid with the dorky hair. That being said, Drury has a lot to offer that's not always readily apparent.


While academics are a must, Drury is athletically driven with most to all of the sports teams averaging well over a 3.5 overall combination. The fans are dedicated, and the athletes are well disciplined and well mannered.


Architecture program, as well as the music program


According to the school website, "SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Jan. 12, 2010 ?Drury University is one of the nation's 50 "Best Value" private colleges and universities, according to The Princeton Review, one of America's most widely known education services and test preparation companies..." I think it is better known for the ungodly amount of money going into it (in my opinion), but they're right - the teachers are wonderful. I think I've had better here than High School.


Drury is best known for our Architecture, Science, and Fine Arts programs. Also, Drury has been continously placed on Princeton Review's 50 best Value Private Schools and are ranked high on the best education for your money on a national scale.


We are best known for being "sustainable" and for being small with pretty good academics.


My school is probably best known for its renowned architecture program. Drury offers a 5 year master program for architecture that is very demanding, but very rewarding. Also Drury is well known for its Breech Business School which boast a winning Students in Free Enterprise team.


Drury has the best choir in the state of Missouri, and some of the most amazing music faculty a school could ask for. Our womens' basketball team is also pretty amazing. Also, ask anyone at this school who some of their favorite teachers are, and on every list of students that have had his classes, Tyra Pierce will be somewhere near the top. All of his classes, no matter how mundane, are eye-opening and thought-provoking. He's probably the most overlooked and underpaid professor on campus, but quality-wise he's one of the best.


Good architecture and business programs; small class size