Drury University Top Questions

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The class sizes and their interest in each student's goals . They give you the resources and oppourtunities for intership.


Drury University has a great criminal justice program.


The overall class sizes are smaller compared to the other ones I considered.


Drury was a very unique school. The classes are small, professors know all about you, they actually care how you do and how you are, and the education is phenomenal. I do not think there are many schools anywhere like Drury. The buildings are beautifully designed. The school cares about the environment and gets everyone involved. They have a mission for global studies, and they require students to take mulitple classes on global awareness. They advocate studying abroad, and they believe it truley enhances the students college and life experiences (which it does).


It is a college that reminds students that they will be entering the real world and it will not be easy. They also allow for many differences of opinion without any judging. Drury also mandates that each student graduate with a global perspectives minor, making each student more aware of what happens in the world around us.


Professors are engaged and genuinally care about the students and their success. Those with Phd's teach classes unlike other large schools utilizing interns and student teachers..


Drury is not a very large University, and it feels like it has a pleseantly close-knit community without being so small that you literally know everyone, but also not too large that you lose yourself in the crowd and feel overwhelmed.


there is a great student-teacher ratio, and they really focus on your worldly knowledge rather than just ur individual major.


Drury is a beautiful university with lovely landscaping and buildings. Everyone is so friendly, and the students have high expectations of themselves. It is a very positive learning atmosphere that encourages students to learn and grow. I also feel like we are all well taken care of by the faculty and by our fellow peers. Drury has so much to offer. It is like an Ivy League school at the fraction of the cost. Anyone who wants to go to a good school, but has a low income would love Drury.


The small class size and community based campus helps new students become familiar with the University. I absolutely love the emphasis on global studies and cultural understanding at my school. Also Drury believes in artistic freedom and has high academic goals for their students.


My school is a small liberal arts school. It had less students than most schools I was looking at. They do not have a football team so more money goes to the other sports. The school is surrounded by a lot of trees and it makes the campus very nice to be around. This school had great options in every catagory from housing to majors to food in the cafateria.


My school has a small-town feel to it with a big university academic program.


Drury is a small college, where you get a one on one education. There are not large lecture halls and the professors really care about their students. There are numerous clubs and organizations to join, so you will never be bored and can make a ton of new friends. Drury is an open minded, diverse community where everyone feels welcomed.


Going to a small liberal arts college in the middle of my relatively conservative location, I was actually able to escape to a new culture for once that allowed me to openly listen and express my opinions and ideas. I see it as this amusing and comfortable niche where I can share my thoughts in a respectable environment to different people's critiques and opinions. It's literally an oppurtunity within itself! I'm being asked to think abstractly and told to free myself in exploring and learning about anything I want. There are no bad questions asked here!