Drury University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The campus is amazing.


It is a beautiful campus. The professors are amazing and will help you in any way possilable. Also the classroom size are also small.


Drury University is just absolutely breath taking all year round. Despite the tornado drills during tornado season, and the torrential rain, to the cold and hot weather, the campus is just serene. More often than not, the people are friendly and there is plenty of room to enjoy the fresh air while doing homework, or just hanging out with friends while potentially making new ones.


Great professors.


Things like GPA and fraternity life.


When I speak about Drury to my friends, I always mention the quality of the classes, the caring faculty, small classes, and my talented peers.


The cost of attendence is very comparable to the local non-private instituions for evening courses. You can get a full Bachelor's or Associate's attending in the evenings,. The non-traditional student is very highly regarded, there, and most of the professors have occupations during the day to add to the existing body of knowledge profoundly applying course material to real life experience.


Every class I am in has about 20 students, and everything on campus is within 12 minutes walking distance. Free stuff is handed out at least every week, especially in the beginning of the year. Professors get to know you by name, and a teaching assistant will never teach the class. Professors are more than willing to make time, even outside of their office hours, to help you. I love my job as an office assistant for Student Development. All of Greek life interacts with each other, there are no feuds. Drury is such a friendly, positive, and beautiful campus.


Bob Barker went to Drury. We have a great Architecture program and are known for our education, communication, and business departments.


Our teachers are awsome! I also attend an extention campus so, they work with my schedual


I got a great education and my views on life changed drastically


Everyone here is very friendly and they're programs are designed to prepare you to take your academic career further.


That it is a private college and also that Drury doesn't just give out diplomas like other colleges. You actually have to work for it here and learn something.