Drury University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anybody can attend! Doesn't matter how old you are! Seriously. Anybody!


I would recommend that someone who enjoys smaller, closer knit friendly environments, or someone who has a hard time fitting attend Drury Univeristy. Somebody who has trouble adjusting well would feel at home here as well. Drury is a very "family" - eqsue environment; everyone strives to reach out and make connections, and welcome the newcomers. If you value a private and more selective education, this university is for you as well.


people who dont want to get lost in a giant university, that like knowing everyone the pass on the way to class, that are willing to challenge themselves for a great education, and that are interested in liberal arts.


The kind of person who should attend Drury is someone who wants to recieve a quality education and recieve the tools needed to bu successful in the workforce. You have to be a driven and responsible individual who puts academics first, but wants to learn more about themselves and others different than them.


People who are wanting to get a good education and high post job avaliablity rate. Have to spend quite a bit of time studying but you meet a ton of great people.


Someone that is wanting to get a very good education by well taught and experienced professors. This school will look good on your transcript as well, for the fact that it is a well accredited private college.